The Factions

There are currently Nine Nations in Aarklash, each hoping for a better future.

Dark Alliance

An Unholy Alliance of Dark Elves and Arakkoa

Divine Kingdoms

A coalition of Aegyl Kingdoms currently at war with the Dark Alliance

Drast Republic

A Modified Republic of Wolfen and Humans

Taiiden Republic

A mostly exploratory nation of Dwarves, Aegyl, and Humans.

The Empire of Naggaroth

An alliance of Undead and Dark Elves whose intentions are unknown

The Fallen

A group of about 350 Morgeyls a cross breed between Dark Elves and Aegyls.

The Kythons

A ravenous Meat Eating Machine currently located in the "Burrows".

The Slann

A nation of fast dwindling Lizardmen.

The Under Empire

An Empire of Skraven that are hidden where-ever.

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