The Fair Folk are denizens born of the formless Wyld that surrounds all worlds. The Fair Folk are dangerous beings, capable of a powerful hypnosis trick that can make normal mortals their slaves (allowing them to also feed on their emotions until they are nothing but shells of their former selves), and are capable of almost perfect illusions. They have a special hatred for the world of Creation, and are determined to destroy it and return it to the formless Wyld from whence it came.

Normal fair folk are called Raksha. Stronger Fair Folk are sometimes referred to as Nobles. The most powerful type of Fair Folk are known as the Unshaped. Unlike their Raksha and Noble compatriots, the Unshaped actually are symbiotic groups of Fair Folk, guided by an unseen force similar to hive-mind intelligence.

Fair Folk Abilities

The Fair Folk are divided by graces instead of caste, which they use as a font for the Essence that makes them up whenever they appear in Creation, based on the four suits of tarots: the Ring Grace (used by workers), the Sword Grace (used by warriors and cataphactoi), the Staff Grace (used by diplomats), and the Cup Grace (used by entertainers). There is also the Heart Grace. Noble Raksha can take on two different graces and their associated virtues (Ring=Temperance, Sword=Valor, Staff=Conviction, Cup=Compassion, Heart=Will) .

They also have names for their universal abilities: Geass, which allows them to get anyone to do their bidding, Beguile, a hypnosis trick that they use as a prelude to feeding on emotions, Glamour, which can turn anything into an illusion of something else, and Mien, which allows them to garb themselves in a fearsome illusion.

Notable Fair Folk

The Weaver of Idyllic Dreams: A Fair Folk cataphactus that serves as a member of the Jet Court, the Fair Folk's base in Northern Creation. He approached Drake Darkstar with a deal to help them take over Creation by pooling their resources.

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