• Timmy as Phineas (they're both the main characters)
  • Baby Poof as Ferb
  • Vicky as Candace (they both scream a lot)
  • Chester as Jeremy (they're both wearing green jackets and have blonde hair)
  • Trixie as Isabella
  • AJ as Baljieet (they're both smart)
  • Francis as Buford (they're both bullies)
  • Sparky as Perry the Platypus
  • Mr. Crocker as Dr. Doofenshmirtz (they're both evil)
  • Tootie as Adyson
  • Norm the Genie as Norm (they share the same name)
  • Jorgen as Major Monogram
  • Cupid as Carl (they both have names that begin with a "C")
  • Anti-Cosmo as Mitch
  • The Bronze Kneecap as Kaka Pupu
  • Nega-Timmy as Thaddeus
  • Foop as Thor
  • Timmy's Dad as Lawrence (they're both Phineas and Timmy's dads)
  • Timmy's Mom as Linda (they're both Phineas and Timmy's moms)
  • and more

See Also

Phineas and Ferb/The Fairly OddParents

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