• Timmy as Clark Kent/Superman
  • Wanda as Lois Lane
  • Mr Crocker as Lex Luther
  • Francis as Otis
  • Tootie as Eve Teschmacher
  • General Zod as Himself
  • Norm as Non
  • Vicky as Ursa
  • Bucky as Jor-El
  • Cosmo as Jimmy Olsen
  • Timmy's Dad as Perry White
  • Jorgen Von Strangle as Jonathan Kent
  • Veronica as Martha Kent
  • AJ as Sheriff (from Superman II)
  • Mark as Bad Superman (from Superman III)
  • Gary as Ross Webster
  • Mandie as Vera
  • Blonda as Lorelei
  • Trixie as Lana Long
  • Elmer as Ricky
  • Remy as Brad
  • Tad/Chad as Gus Gorman
  • Pokernatior/Darth Bliazer as Nuclear Man

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