1. Marissa Melissa Anne Is The Main Character Or Main Protaganist Of The Show, Fairly OddParents Animals Parody Of The Fairy OddParents.He Orininally Had Two Fairy GodParents Animals,Mary The Squirrel And Leo The Bunny.But Since,Mary And Leo's Daughter Kiara Was Born {Tiger Cub/Lion Cub}.She Now Has Three Fairies And Instead Of Mary And Leo Begin Her Fairly OddParents,And Kiara Begin Her GodSister,They Are Now Her Fairly Family.Marissa Sometimes Likes To Make Extreme Wishes.Her Favorite Super Hero Is The Super Girl,And Likes To Read The Super Girl Comics Books.She Is 11 Year Old Female Cat.She Has Long Tan Tail,Blue Eyes And Long Auburn Hair.Marissa is The Only Child Of Miss And Mr.Anne.

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