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  • Timmy as Thomas
  • Bucky as Edward
  • Jorgen Von Strangle as Henry
  • Crimson Chin as Gordon
  • Cosmo as James
  • Chester as Percy
  • Pappy as Toby
  • Mark as Duck
  • Tad and Chad and Donald and Douglas
  • Denzel Crocker as Diesel
  • Vicky as Daisy
  • Elmer as Stepney
  • Shallowgrave as Diesel 10
  • Remy as George
  • Francis as Bulgy
  • Norm as Spencer
  • Sanjay as Paxton


  • Timmy in Trouble Timmy is in Trouble with The Police Offer. And That is Why Timmy is So Dangerous for The Police Offer
  • Timmy's Christmas Party It was Christmas Time. Timmy and Pappy are Bringing Parcels All The Way
  • Old Iron (The Fairly Oddparents Version) Cosmo thought Bucky was late. He Went to The House and Felt Crosser than Ever
  • Pop Goes Denzel Crocker Mark is A Great Western Space Squid. He is Happy with Himself. and In the House Denzel Crocker had Arrived
  • A Close Shave (The Fairly Oddparents Version) Mark though Denzel Crocker told lies about him and made Stan Smith and All the people him he's horrid
  • Timmy Saves The Day Timmy thought There will Be A Big Bend and Brass Band. If He Goes To Fast he Should Crash


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