A group of about 350 Mor-gyls who were banished from the city of Grifthan. Two warring clans in the city, the Sturmfeuries (Aegyls) and the Bregan Daerthe (dark elves) had pretty much turned the city into a battlefield. In an attempt to bring the two clans together (not so they can stab each other in the backs, but so their swords are too long to manuever) a group from each clan had an orgy that reulted in the birth of twenty Morgyls. They found ways to stay covert, be it painting their skin or wearing harnesses to hide their wings, until their numbers grew. ventually, they were forced to exterminate the two houses once it became obvious that no peace would be found through nagotiations. They were cast out of the city for mass murder.

They are beautiful to behold, with raven black feathers on their powerful wings and black skin on a slim but muscled form. Their eyes can range from a deep red to blue speckled with gold. Mostly, they are always in complete control, and show little emotion or feeling to outsiders, although some do. They are all warriors and laborers, and there is no gender discrimination. They are stronger than the Aegyls and Dark Elves, but in exchange for a vastly inhibited reproduction and fertilization rate, despite their eroticism.

As a wounded human taken into their care once said: "I am a man who loves all women, perhaps more than any other man before me, including the legendary Don Juan. But I am humbled by these creatures. Not only is it common and passionate, but it is beautiful, and I never want to make love with a human woman again."

Many prefer the two bladed fighting style, although most train in as many fighting styles as possible. They wear light armor as daily garb and may choose to put on heavier armor for battle. They often armor their wings as well, which are trained more than most Aegyl stunt flyers, which is saying something. They often move in pairs when they leave the wooded mountains that are their homes, since an Aeyl or Dark Elf that sees them may attack at any moment.

There is no leader of the Fallen, although they do tend to follow the stronger and more intelligent ones although there is no requirement to do so. They are often available as mercenaries but are capable of doing any other work. raesha_reapersun-trans.gif Fallen child on attack

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