The Future Hero

Z-one: Ash Ketchum. You always have these people cheering you on. Perhaps I was right about you.

Ash: What do you mean?

Z-one: Have you not yet realised? You are a hero of legend and Pokémon master.

Ash: I know that being my goal but hero of legend you say?

Z-one: Heheheheh.


Ash: GASP!

Max: What the?!

Ash: You're...

May: He is almost the same as Ash.

Ash: Z-one. Just who are you?

Z-one: Now that my true self has been revealed, I have to answer don't I? Ash Ketchum, I am your future self.

Ash: What?!

Everyone else: What?!

Delia: That can't be!

Z-one: In the future, humans greedily searched for evolution through the means of Ener-D whilst Pokémon resolved for the same reason only for power, causing the Generator in the future to go beserk.

Ash: No way.

Z-one: After that, everything changed. Ener-D reacted to the hearts and minds of greed, power and evil within the minds and hearts of both humans and Pokémon alike. At the same time, a sattelite array had gone into dissaray creating the Machine Emperors as an accident. At that rate, the world was in peril. To try and prevent that from happening, a certain trainer was revived. That was me.


Woman: No!

Z-one: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pika...CCCHHHHHHHHUUUUUUU!!!!!!


Woman: Aren't you...

Z-one: Ash Ketchum.


Ash: No.

Sherry: Z-one's right. When I first met him with Bruno and Ash, it felt something similar to him.

Max: Doesn't that mean Ash's real intentions were to befriend us and trick us into destroying the 4 regions.

Misty: That's not true. Ash as we know would never do that.

Ash: You're me? That can't be.

Z-one: So at the end of your road, you see the truth.

The Battle

Z-one: Razion returns to my team during the start of my turn. I bring out Tzaphion. Tzaphion cannot take damage for 2 turns only. Next, I'll use my Infinite Machine Ein Soph to bring out as many Temporal Pokémon I get from my randomizer. I bring out Zadion and Cadion. Use Tidal Surge!

Ash: Gyarados, counter with Dragonbreath! What?!

Z-one: When Tzaphion battles, you can't use counter moves and all items are returned to your randomizer. Zadion, use Gust! When Zadion uses this move, I revive 1 Pokémon of my choice which is Razion. Finally, Cadion, use Terra Shard Barrage! After dealing damage, all Pokémon are returned to your team and your team takes 500 damage.



Everyone else: Ash!

Ash: WHHHOAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! That was a close one.

Z-one: Ash, in your current state, you're relying on hope aren't you? In my next turn, all 3 Pokémon will return by their effects. If I redraw any of them via my randomizer or Metaion, you still have a fighting chance. But winning will only keep the future how it is. That is the conclusion I've made. For the better future, I must destroy these regions!

Ash: That's not true! There's still a way to decide my future! I won't let it be my home getting destroyed! You're not me faker!

Z-one: You're still defying it?! Fine, then I will explain why you and me are no different.

Z-one's Tale

Z-one: I used to be a teenage Pokémon researcher back then. I realized to stop the madness, I had to help the people and Pokémon find their emotions to fix the Ener-D catastrophe that faced them. But as I was then, I couldn't steer people and Pokémon's hearts from greed and power. It was then I remembered about a hero of the 4 regions called Ash Ketchum. He stood up to any threat no matter what the consequences were with his friends by his side. I then decided to save this world, I would become Ash Ketchum.



Z-one: (narrating) Then I was reborn as you, Ash Ketchum.


Z-one: Then I begun the task of guiding people's hearts the right way.

Ash: Whoa.

Max: That's insane.

May: He made himself Ash?

Brock: He changed into our friend to save the future?!


Z-one: (narrating) Ash Ketchum, your personality was amazing.

Z-one: Everyone, listen to me. The world is nearing its doomsday. If we can't control our evolution and a Pokémon's lust for power, who knows what could happen to us! Watch me. Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!


Z-one: If we through away our lust for power and focus on helping each other alike, the future may be a bright one.

Z-one: (narrating) Then, with your personality, I walked I peace with everyone behind me. Everyone focused on helping each other, humans and Pokémon alike and the Machine Emperors didn't attack us. But, unbeknownist to me at the time, I was too late to put people and Pokémon on the right path and Zero Reverse occured and then, the unspeakable happened.


Z-one: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Z-one: It was then I met Antinomy, Paradox and Aporia in this desolate wasteland. But I got frustrated. Why? Why even with Ash Ketchum's power I couldn't save them?! People and Pokémon hearts can't be changed. I then came to this conclusion. To stop that future, I must destroy the Ener-D created during your travels in Unova and the 4 Regions it exists in.

Ash: Stop this! If you do this, loads of people and Pokémon will be sacrificed! Do you really think this will change the future?! Destroying all 4 regions and everyone and all the Pokémon in it?! Is this what you want?!

Z-one: You still don't understand! You were basically there! Even with the real you, the future of destruction can't be changed! The only way is to destroy these 4 regions and everything in them!

Back to the Battle

Z-one: Now then, back to the battle. Tzaphion, Zadion and Camion return to my team with their immunity effects negated.

Misty: That means Ash has a 50-50 chance of counterattack.

Z-one: Camion's other effect activates. For every Temporal Pokémon returned, I extend my Pokémon limit by 1 and randomly gain the same amount. 5 of my Pokémon have their effects negated so my limit is extended to 5 and I get 5 random Pokémon.

May: But that means there's no idea which 5 he got.

Ash: Go, Piplup. Use the wings on my skates as an updraft!

Dawn: Here we go.

Z-one: And I'll bring my 5 out. Come forth my Temporal Pokémon Michion, Hanion, Raphion, Gabrion! And finally the 10th Pokémon, Sandaion!

Max: No way!

Brock: All his Pokémon weren't out earlier. Ash is in big trouble!

Z-one: Now Ash, what will you do against 5 Temporal Pokémon? Even if you win, you can't save your pitiful regions.

To be continued...

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