Feelings Entrusted from Friends

Z-one: Looks like you're too late Ash. I'll start by burying your friends.


Ash: NO!


Ash: AAAHHH!!!!! Uhhhhhh!!!!

Brock: Ash!

Max: He's knocked out!

May: NO!

Ash: (thoughts) I'm sorry guys. I failed.

May: Ash! Hang on!

Max: What are you?!... May!

May: Ash still has his Staraptor. Go, Staraptor and get beneath us! Ash! Wake up!

(Ash's Subconsiousness)

Ash: Where am I?

Over Top Clear Mind

Ash: This is it. For everyone's sake. Brock, Misty, Max, May, Dawn, I won't let your efforts go to waste.

Antinomy: Go for it Ash!

Ash: Bruno.

May: Ash! I'm coming up!

Ash: May? How are you?....

May: I'll explain later. You're probably gonna need my help for whatever your trying to do.

Ash: Thanks May. Lets go Pikachu.

Both: Over Top Clear Mind!

Ash: Blaziken, Mightyena, Piplup, Onix and Gyrardos, tune with Pikachu! Tune and merge to become one! Become our path of light!


Ash: Come forth!



Z-one: Huh?!

Ash: Z-one!

May: This ends now!

Both: Lets go!

The Fight for the Future Part 4

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