The Climatic Battle

Z-one: Impossible!!! This wasn't in the data I collected!!!

Max: Amazing!

Misty: This is awesome.

Brock: They both managed to put our Pokémon to great power.

Dawn: Quazer!

Sherry: Ash. May. Lets hope this doesn't go to waste.

Ash: Let's go Z-one!

May: I'm right by you Ash!

Z-one: My Temporal Pokémon effects activate!! Now all damage is negated and Sandaion inflicts 4000 damage to each and every Pokémon in your team!!!

May: Use Counter Star Guard!


Z-one: What?!

Ash: Use, Creation Burst!


Z-one: Impossible! I've known your every move in the future! How could you have beaten me alone?!

May: Because Ash is not alone!

Z-one: No matter. I have 1 Pokémon left and since Sandaion had equal strength to Quasar, both of them are destroyed! You've only got your own Pokémon left Ash. What will you do? Huh? Pikachu?! But you used it for Synchro Material, unless...

Ash: That's right. When Quasar is unable to battle, all the Pokémon used as material are revived!

Z-one: I won't let these regions live for another day! Go, Sephrion!!!!!!!

Ash: Uh oh.


Brock: This isn't good.

Misty: Hang on, remember Aporia's effort, Z-one said there were 10 Temporal Pokémon leading to what I think he said almighty something.

Max: And that must be him.

Z-one: Sephrion now revives all Temporal Pokémon to join him with their effects negated. Return Metaion, Razion, Tzaphion, Zadion, Camion, Michion, Hanion, Raphion, Gabrion and Sandaion!

Ash: Great.

May: So we're back to where we started.

Z-one: Use Total Union Destruction and change the future!


Ash: May, its been a blast. Staraptor, get May back with the others. Now Pikachu, use Harness Energy! Now every attack gets sent in my direction but not before all our Pokémon's strength gets added to Pikachu meaning we both take damage!


Z-one: My attack's been thwarted! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!


Z-one: Impossible. The future. How?


Everyone: Go, Ash!


Antinomy: Ash, please save Z-one!


Ash: I haven't forgotten Bruno.

Saving the Regions

Brock: What just happened?


Sherry: Since the negative Ener-D is gone, the Arc Cradle's gonna fall apart!

Misty: Let's.... AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Dawn: Huh? What just?... Arceus?

Ash: Z-one!

Z-one: Ash. Perhaps you were right about the future all along. Maybe I should worry about moving on from there than the past.

Ash: No. Since you altered what was the timeline from studying me in the future, we could probably start a future of hope from here. Now only 1 thing left to do. To benefit the future.

Z-one: Ash!

Ash: Z-one?

Z-one: You're the hero of legend of the present. Promise me you'll bring a better future for us all. Now for me to make up for my misunderstandings. Hyyraaaaaaaah!

Ash: Z-one!

Z-one: Aporia, Antinomy and Paradox. This one's for you 3.

(Nova Flash)

Moving on the future

Brock: The Arc Cradle.

Max: Its gone.

May: Thankfully. Where's Ash?!

Misty: Oh no.

Dawn: He was still on the Arc Cradle.

Max: Now what?

May: (cries) NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ASH!


May: Ash?

Max: That's him!

Brock: Ash!

Ash: Guys, its great to be back.

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