The Final Orange Badge is a fan-fiction Pokemon VHS/DVD idea made by Pikachufreak.


  1. Pokemon Double Trouble
  2. The Wacky Watcher
  3. The Stun Spore Detour


  • Release Date: January 28, 2003.
  • Distributed by Viz Video.

Opening Previews

  1. FBI Warning
  2. 4Kids Entertainment logo (1999-2005)
  3. Viz Video logo (2001-present)
  4. Pioneer logo
  5. Pokemon Orange Islands intro
  6. First few seconds of Pokemon Double Trouble

Closing Previews

  1. Last few seconds of The Stun Spore Detour
  2. Pokemon Orange Islands outro
  3. 4Kids Entertainment logo (1999-2005)

Video Artwork

Front Cover

  • Ash, Pikachu, Charizard, Luana, Marowak and Alakazam

Back Cover

  • Poliwag from "The Stun Spore Detour"

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