Start of Final Conflict

(Infinity Loop)

Misty: Oh no. The damage from all our Pokemon's attacks will be also dealt to their opponent vice versa.

Jose: Go, Grande. Use Explosive Barrage!

Misty: So what? Staryu is still standing.

Jose: Hehhehe. Now, when Grande is unable to battle except by a Normal attack, I can bring out of this Poke Ball not one but five. Grannel, Grannel Top, Grannel Attack, Grannel Guard and Grannel Carrier. Now combine to form the dreaded Machine Emperor Grannel! Now its attack types are Steel and Ground along with the types of Wisel and Skiel. Attack that Staryu!

Misty: Try all you want but with that protection pendant...

Jose: I activate Grannel Top's effect. Now your Staryu can't use any items while it's attacking.

Misty: No!

Jose: Grand Ton Cannon!


Misty: AAAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Staryu, return!

Jose: Too bad, but when Grannel deals damage, Grannel Attack fetches that Pokemon, heals it and equips it right to him like the other two emperors.

Max: Now its types are Steel, Fighting, Flying, Ground and Water?!

Ash: This can't be good especially since Brock is going next.

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