The Final Race Part 3

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Standing up to Granel

Ash: So that's Meklord Emperor Granel.

Jenny: Lazar, Team New World has now got the advantage of trainers getting hurt from Granel's attacks. Misty has been knocked out cold. Please, stop the match.

Lazar: I can't. If we do that, who knows what Yliaster will do if we do that. Our hope lies with Ash now.

Ash: You ready Brock?

Brock: Sure am. What's up with Max?

Max: What's the point in going any further. Granel might be too much to handle. Brock, don't go out there. You could get killed from at least one attack.

Brock: We can't give up now. Misty entrusted us her will to fight on and we're not letting that go.

May: Brock's right. Who knows what will happen if we don't stand up.

Brock: Here I go.

Max: This is the end of the road already.

Jakob: So you've got some nerve to stand up to Granel. If you don't want to get crushed by him, then show me what these so called possibilites are really made of.

Brock: Great, even Pikachu's Accel Synchro form won't be able to dodge due to Granel Top. Let's go!

Grannel's Extra Onslaught

Brock: Sorry Jose, but Onix is not out yet.

Jakob: That was just pointless. It will still cost you.

Brock: What do you mean?

Jose: Now Grannel Attack's effect kicks in. Since Grannel couldn't take out your Onix, a absorbed Pokemon can now attack which was one I swiped from Misty.

Brock: This just gets worse since Gyarados is a Water and Dragon type.

Jakob: Go Gyarados, crush your own teamate with Dragon Rage! Also, your Pokemon can't use protection moves by Grannel Top's effect.

Brock: Uh oh.

Jakob: Have a taste of your team's own medicine.


Brock: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Onix, return.

Annoucer: Oh this is just getting worse for Team Unity. It looks like nothing can make a scratch on that Pokemon Grannel.

Ash: What is it Misty?

Misty: I don't know but I somehow felt some extra pain from Staryu's attack just now.

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