Date: Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome to a special edition of Monday Night Raw, where the main event will see Randy Orton defend his WWE Championship against two of his Throng partners, John Cena and Triple H. The mystery of the notes has been on the minds of fans, backstage personnel and wrestlers alike. There is a strange presence in the air; a feeling of something elusive and yet imminent. The atmosphere is most unsettling...

JR: "Welcome, guys and gals, to Monday Night Raw! I'll tell ya, I couldn't be more ready for tonight's main event! The Throng has finally gotten the advantage over the New Corporation and tonight is all about them, and it damn sure as Hell should be!”

King: “This has gotta be eating away at the New Corporation like a cancer. Mr. McMahon cannot stand Orton, Triple H or John Cena, so he’s got to be pulling his hair out! Not that that’s a bad thing...”

JR: “You damned right, King. Mr. McMahon needs to be exposed for the heartless, desensitized, unholy, sick, vile, corrupt, sadomasochistic son of a ***** that he is!”

King: “Ross, you might want to think twice about what you call our boss.” >_>

JR: “Screw that, King! I’m not going to be one of the innumerable sycophants of Mr. McMahon. The man is a nasty human being and I have no compunction about making that known! He lives to make peoples’ lives a living Hell and I hope one day he dies a horrible, painful death!”

King: “You don’t think that’s cutting it a little too extreme?”

JR: “Why are you such a brown-nose, King?”

King: “I’m not a brown-nose, I just think you’re going way overboard with your hatred for the Chairman.”

JR: “So just because I wish a plague on both his houses, and that I wish his family gets mutilated by a rabid Doberman Pinscher, and that I pray that his crotch becomes infested with maggots, that makes me a bad person? Is that what you’re saying?!”

King: “...just forget I ever said anything, okay? I’m gonna back up over a here a little bit now...” O_o

The Throng make their way to the ring, and the crowd erupts into a deafening cacophony of cheers.

Orton: “Last week, the New Corporation thought they had everything under control. Well, they learned a valuable lesson: never sell the Throng short. Like the mythical Phoenix, we will always rise from the ashes and secure victory! The New Corporation needs to learn that there’s no stopping us! They... WILL... fall.”

HHH: “Ya see, Vinnie Mac, try as you might to screw us over, you failed to take into consideration one very important thing: our connections. Your very own son has tolled the bell for you, McMahon. And tonight, John Cena, Orton and I are gonna give these fans a legendary treat, and NONE of it is going to involve you, nor your pissant ‘other’ son, juggernaut bodyguard or your inane confidant.”

Coach: “Damn skippy, G!”

The New Corporation emerge from backstage, all of them visibly upset.

Mr. McMahon: “Damnit you all make me sick to my stomach! If it wasn’t for Shane, who I might add, is my REAL illegitimate child (boos from the crowd), tonight would be all about us. Well, you know what? Tonight’s going to be all about the New Corporation anyway! We will put you into the ground and make you eat dirt, you lousy bastards!”

Russo: “Ey, Jawn Cena, how’s come you aint said nuttin’ yet?”

Cena: “...”

Mr. McMahon: “What’s the matter, Cena? You’re not... scared of us are you?” >:-)

Cena: “...”

Mr. Kennedy: “My dad asked you a question you stupid son of a --”

Cena: “The New Corporation comes out here like their runnin’ the place, but in reality they just way too gay on the face. The Throng is gonna go down tonight, according to the boss. Well, I’m John Cena and you can use my pubes to floss! Mr. McMahon’s got some kinda problem with all of us in the ring, which I guess is understandable considering his very small thing. I mean, let’s face it, the Throng’s got truly monstrous schlongs, but sadly for the boss, he’s always just singin' the swan songs.”

Mr. McMahon: >:-(

Cena: “And then we’ve got the ‘New Yahk’ has-been named Russo the Great, who’s actually in the middle of a tryst with a woman of considerable weight. Oh, don’t try to hide it, homey! I even met the *****, and she offered to blow me. Unlike you, I denied her request, ‘cuz I aint ever heard of a 500-lb. bequest! That tank had more rolls than a bakery and more chins than a Chinese phonebook, man. Her ass smelled so bad I had to waft the stench away with a portable fan! But hey, it’s your decision, Russo, and yours alone. But how are you gonna please her when she douches with a phone?”

Russo: :’(

Cena: “Then there’s the jacked-up freak named Bobby Lashley, who couldn’t even score with the whore named Ashley. Oh, don’t get miffed, bubble-brain. You just can’t make it in the fast lane. I’ve seen your pecs, glutes and deltoids, Mr. Dominator, it’s just too bad that last night I became your Mominator. Oh, you didn’t know? I sure as Hell banged that hoe. She told me to give you a message, too, but it might hurt your feelings. The message goes like this: ‘Bobby, I’ve sold my body for some dealin’s.’ Turns out your momma ain’t no saint but a slut, which works out for me ‘cuz all the times I banged her amounts to a glut!”

Bobby: Ò_Ó

Cena: “Oh, and Mr. Kennedy? Don’t think I forgot about you, homey! You say you’re the biggest WWE star, well why don’t you pull your pants down and show me? On second thought, keep your tights on, I wouldn’t wanna blind the crowd with your ‘number one.’ I’m assumin’ that’s in inches, but regardless keep on your britches. Sadly for you, you’re the son of the boss who runs the show. But Mr. McMahon’s a bastard, and this I’m sure you already know. So crawl outta your poppa’s ass, and grow a set o’ balls. Oh, I forgot, you can’t do that ‘cuz you like to play with dolls.”

Mr. Kennedy: ._.

Cena: “So, New Corporation, it goes like this, don’t consider this verbal tirade to be a diss. I’m simply showing you what’s in store for later tonight, because all these fans know that your words are merely trite. John Cena’s words, on the other hand, carry importance and weight, just like the Game’s words when he seduced Stephanie on the first date. You all say you’ve got everything under control and tonight is all about you. I say you’re forgettin’ the fact that this Corporation really isn’t new. It’s a rehashed stable from years and years ago, which is fine ‘cuz you failed that time, too, ya know? I ain’t tryin’ to be a dickhead but we’ve gotta accept the truth, so why don’t you all just give up now and go sit in the loser’s booth? Oh, and one last thing that you really should know: Check out my flow, hit the do’, the Corporation hits low, this you know, but the Throng is gonna mow, you wanna say no, but say it ain’t so. Word life, mother******!”

The crowd erupts into a chorus of cheers and ovations.

JR: "My God, John Cena just verbally destroyed the New Corporation, King!"

King: "I can't deny that, Ross. I think the New Corporation needs some ice for that burn!"

JR: "Ha ha, you damned skippy, hippy!"

King: "...Never say that again."

JR: "Sorry." V_V

The show fades out to commercial. When we return, the cameras cut to Mr. McMahon's office, where the Chairman, as well as his three associates, is livid.

Mr. McMahon: "I hate the Throng. Goddamned bastards. Especially that Cena... oh, that Cena. He's gonna get it. He's gonna get it bad. Damnit to Hell I'm going to annihilate John Cena!"

Mr. Kennedy: "Dad, how are we gonna do that when he's got Trips and Orton on his side?"

Mr. McMahon: "I don't know, son. But we've got to figure out a way to get rid of Triple H and Cena so that we can concentrate on Orton and get that damn title off his scrawny little waist."

Russo: "Hmm... I's gots an idea, Vinnie Mac!"

Lashley (to himself): "You say your name is Cena, and you're a master of rap. I say your name is Cena, and you smell like crap!"

Mr. Kennedy: "Uhh... who are you talking to, Bobby?"

Lashley: "Oh, uh... I was just practicing."

Mr. Kennedy: "Practicing for what?"

Lashley: "I'm gonna challenge Cena to a rap battle later on tonight. I'm gonna dominate him verbally!"

Mr. Kennedy: "Sure, Bobby, you go ahead and do that..." >_>

Mr. McMahon: "Anyway, Russo what's your plan?"

Russo: "Well, we's gots ta wait until da end of da match, when all tree of da men are tiyud. Den, I'll run down dere widda steel chair and kick da snot outta Jawn Cena and Triple H. Dat way dey gets put on da shelf and we gots Orton all ta ourselves."

Mr. McMahon: "Why you conniving little dog... heh, I like it. Yeah..." >:-)

The cameras cut to Santino, who is walking around backstage apparently searching for somebody. He comes across a door that has Ron Simmons's name on it. Santino takes a deep breath and walks in.

Santino: "Ron, I did-a not come in-a here to start a fight-a, ok? I just wanted to say to you-a, man-a to man, dat I hold no hard feelings towards you, and le Maria shall-a be yours." :-)

Ron: >:-[

Santino: "Do you accept my apolog--"

Ron plants Santino with a Dominator.

Ron: "DAMN!"

The cameras cut back to the New Corporation's office. William Regal walks in.

Mr. McMahon: "Ah, General Manager Regal."

Regal: "Mr. McMahon. Mr. Russo."

Mr. McMahon: "What can we do for you?"

Regal: "Well, actually Mr. McMahon I was just curious as to why I have not been utilized as of late."

Mr. McMahon: "Utilized?"

Regal: "Well, pardon my effrontery, sir, but as the General Manager of Raw I assumed that I would carry some responsibility. However, ever since the establishment of your New Corporation I have not had much to do. So, I was hoping that I could be given a task."

Mr. McMahon: "You want a task?"

Regal: "Yes, sir. All in the name of the New Corporation, of course."

Mr. McMahon: "Hmm... well, Regal, I have just the task, and only you could do it!"

Regal: "Splendid."

Mr. McMahon: "Get the Hell outta my office, right now!"

Regal: "I beg your pardon, sir?"

Mr. McMahon: "You heard me, damnit! I have no room for show-offs and power-hungry leeches. Get the Hell outta here right now before I relieve you as General Manager!"

Regal: "...But sir, don't you think it would be useful if--"

Mr. McMahon: "Out."

Regal: "...Yes, sir..."

The cameras cut to the Throng's dressing room, where Orton is caressing his thigh. Cena, HHH and the Coach walk in, catching him in the act.

Coach: "Whoa! Randy, what the Hell are you doing?"

Orton: "Guys! Uh... nothing, nothing."

HHH: "Randy, you were just rubbing your leg."

Orton: "Well, I had a cramp! Is there somethin' wrong with that?"

HHH: "Come on, Randy. You were moaning."

Orton: "Well it hurts! Is it that surprising that I'd moan?"

HHH: "You were calling yourself a sexy *****."

Orton: "Uh... I was just, um... role-playing! Yeah, that's it!"

Cena: "Yo man this is some gangsta **** here! I'm outie!"

Coach: "I'm with Cena. Later, Orton."

Orton: "Guys, come on! I got a charlie horse and I had to rub it out!"

HHH: "Yeah, I know Orton. You love to 'rub one out' all the time." ;-)

Orton: "Very funny, Trips." -_-

HHH: "Well, I'll catch ya later, Randy. Try not to rape your leg anymore..."

Orton: "...whatever, later man."

Triple H leaves, leaving Orton alone in the room once again.

Orton: >_>




Orton caresses his thigh.

JR: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have to take a commercial break. When we return, it will be a special edition of Carlito's Cabana with the one and only Jeff Hardy!"

The show cuts to commercial. When it returns, the Cabana is all set-up in the ring. Carlito makes his way to the squared circle, wearing a toothy grin.

Carlito: "Welcome to another edition of... <_<... Carlito's Cabana. Tonight's guest is someone who you fans adore, not that I blame you. I mean, you fans are pretty stupid."


Carlito: "This man absorbs paint through his forearms and consistently misses his signature Whisper in the Wind move. Tonight's guest... Jeff Hardy!"

Jeff makes his way to the ring accompanied by many cheers.

Carlito: "Jeff, my first question to you is: what's up with your hair?"

King: "Jeff's hair?"

Jeff: @_@

Carlito: "Umm... Jeff, can you answer the question?"

Jeff: @_@

Carlito: >_>

Jeff: "Yeah, man... I totally dig excavation of archaeological sites. That's rad, duuude..." @_@

Carlito: "Uhh, someone needs to get Jeff some water or something..."

Jeff: "Water, man. Yeah. Water. Wow. You know? Water... wow."

Carlito: "Riiiight. Well, I see you're not exactly in the interview mood right now so--"

Santino's music hits and the self-proclaimed Italian Stallion makes his way to the ring.

Santino: "Enuff of-a dis, how you say, horse****!"

Carlito: "What the Hell are you doing? You can't just interrupt Carlito's Cabana!"

Santino: "Silence your mouth, Meester Caribbean! Your fro is, how you say, nappy as Hell!"

Carlito: "How dare you talk to Carlito like that?!"

Jeff: "Nappy, man. Wow..."

Santino: "I came out-a here because of dat goombah named Ron Simmons. I tried to humble myself and-a dat monster attacked-a me. I was-a backstabbed, and I will have-a no more of it!"

Carlito: "You said you were backstabbed?"

Santino: "That's-a right, I was-a backstabbed!"

Carlito: "...Santino, you're not backstabbed..."

Carlito hits the Backstabber on Santino.

Carlito: "...until your Backstabbed!"

Jeff: "Whoa, dude, you just totally stabbed his back. Heh, get it? Backstabber? Wow, that's funny..."

Londrick run out to the ring and celebrate with Carlito for destroying Santino. Just then, Umaga makes his way to the ring and wipes out Londrick, as well as Carlito and Jeff.

Jeff: "Damn, man, we just got our asses kicked. Wow... I mean that hurt."

The cameras cut back to the Throng's dressing room, where all four men are now conversing amongst one another. William Regal enters, and is accosted by all four individuals.

Regal: "Gentlemen, gentlemen. I am not here to start trouble. I am requesting that we put our differences aside and you allow me to join your group. Mr. McMahon is a pathetic specimen, and I wish to join the Throng."

Cena: "Regal, we ain't stupid. We're not fallin' for your trap again. Get the Hell outta here!"

Regal: "But I'm telling the--"

The Throng shove Regal out of their dressing room.

Orton: "Can you guys believe him?"

HHH: "What a fruitcake. Alright, so anymore insight as to what these notes mean?"

Cena: "I have no idea, man. What the Hell is HKNBTM.2.NC supposed to mean?"

HHH: "Or IronXIIForLife?"

Orton: "Or Ambrosial Cleft Sonata?"

Coach: "Or Hell#1?"

Orton/Cena/HHH: "What?"

Coach: "I got a note, too."

Orton: "What? Jesus Christ, who the Hell is messin' with us?!"

Cena: "I don't know, man, but I gotta go hit the ring."

HHH: "For what?"

Cena: "Lashley's challenging me to a Battle Rap." -_-

HHH: "Good luck, as if you'll need it."

The show cuts to commercial. When it returns, Lashley and Cena are in the ring.

Lashley: "You say your name is Cena and if I want some to come get some. I say your name is Cena and I slept with your mum! You say you're the Champ and you can't be beat. I say you're the Chump and all you beat is your meat. You say you've got the Chain Gang and they'll back you up. I say you've got the Chain Gang and they can't save you from me smackin' you up! Peace, G!"

Cena: "Yo, yo, yo, it's O-kaaay. Ya got this roided-up freak who says the same thing over and over. You slept with my momma, Bobby? That must've been when I was over your house making your momma bend over and over. And what's your obsession with dicks, that's kinda weird, man. But it's not too suprising, considering all those stains in your caravan. And the Chain Gang can't help me? Boy that's a load of bull. We're soldiers, *****, and the New Corporation will fall to... OUR... RULE!"

Bobby runs out of the ring, crying. Chimel announces Cena as the winner of the Battle Rap. The cameras cut to Josh Grisham in the back, who's about to interview Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Before he can ask the first question, however, Batista appears - naked.

Grisham: "*sigh* Batista... what do you want now?"

Batista: "Clothes."

Grisham: "Good, that's a good start. They're probably in your dressing room."

Batista: "Ok."

Murdoch: "Hi, Batista." ;-)

Batista: "Uhh... hi." >_>

Murdoch: "I see you're not wearing any clothes."

Batista: "That's right, the Animal likes freeballing."

Murdoch: "May I join you?"

Batista: "No... no, that's alright."

Murdoch: "But... why not?"

Batista: "I've gotta go take care of some... eh, business! Yeah, that's it..." >_>

Murdoch: "Spurned again." V_V

The cameras cut back to the arena, where Mr. McMahon makes his way to the ring.

JR: "Oh great. Now what?"

Mr. McMahon: "As I'm sure all of you are aware, each business decision I make is made with fairness and impartiality."


Mr. McMahon: "Therefore, tonight's main event WWE Championship match between Randy Orton, John Cena and Triple H is now No Disqualification!"

King: "Wow!"

JR: "Who made that ruling?"

King: "Apparently the Chairman just did."

JR: "Well, I see that, but why? What's the point of that?"

King: "I don't know, Ross. Could be a plan!"

JR: "Vince McMahon has always got a plan, I can guarantee ya that."

King: "He sure does, JR."

JR: *sigh*

King: "What's wrong, Ross?"

JR: "I gotta be honest with you, King."

King: "OK, about what?"

JR: "I feigned the whole being in love with you thing."

King: "...why?"

JR: "I'm getting too old for broadcasting, King. I see all these young pups runnin' about and I think to myself, 'What have I got to offer this business? A paralyzed face and hackneyed phrases.' I can't do much more good for the WWE. So I wanted to have a little fun. I'm sorry." :-(

King: "Hey, it's alright, JR. I'll tell ya what. After tonight's show, I'll take you to the Playboy Mansion!"


The cameras cut back to the New Corporation's office.

Mr. McMahon: "Russo, are you absolutely sure this is going to work?"

Russo: "Ey, fuggedaboutit, Vinnie! I's gots everyting unda control!"

Mr. McMahon: "Lashley's gone off somewhere and we're down to three. We can't manage to fail this time, Russo. You understand that."

Russo: "Of course, boss."

The cameras cut to Regal, who is watching the New Corporation on a monitor. The cameras cut back to the New Corporation's office. Mr. Kennedy is playing Super Mario Bros. on the television.

Mr. McMahon: "Son, what are you doing?"

Mr. Kennedy: "Oh, I'm on a mission to beat Bowser! The bastard stole the princess. He's gonna wish he never heard the name of Mario..... MARIO!"

Mr. McMahon: "Right. Russo, are you SURE this is going to work?"

Russo: "Ey, relax man. Dis is all gonna be worth it. Trust me."

Mr. Kennedy: "DAMN 8-3!"

The cameras cut to the Throng's dressing room.

Coach: "Well, good luck you guys."

Orton/Cena/HHH: "Thanks."

The camera cuts back to Regal, who's now watching the Throng on a monitor. He deliberatively rubs his chin as the camera fades away to commercial. When the show returns, Tony Chimel announcing the main event.

King: "This is awesome, JR. It makes the hairs on my neck stand up. I LIKE IT!"

JR: "I know what you mean, partner. The electricity in the air is off the page. What tension!"

Before the match begins, all three men give each other high fives. The bell rings and their demeanors quickly change. The Game and Cena soon double-team Orton, pounding away at him with some punches before tossing him over the top rope and to the outside. Cena and HHH, left in the ring, go at it. Cena connects with a Hiptoss followed by a tilt-a-whirl driver. HHH kicks out and delivers some jabs to Cena.

JR: "I have absolutely no idea who's going to win this one, King! My God the excitement is incredible! I think my pants are about to become soiled!"

Orton is back in the ring and takes down HHH with an Inverted Backbreaker. He then goes to work on Cena with several Garvin stomps. Triple H recovers and delivers a Harley Race knee strike to the face, knocking Randy on his ass. Cena recovers and takes down HHH with a Clothesline. Cena goes to lock on the STF-U but HHH fights out of it. He goes for a Pedigree but Cena counters and locks on a Reverse Achilles Hold, working on the Game's legs.

King: "It's amazing how much each of these men strive to become the champion, JR!"

JR: "It's in their blood. I think success is in their genetics."

Orton breaks up the hold and rams Cena's head into the turnbuckle. He goes for a School-boy and Cena kicks out at 2. HHH gets back to his feet, reeling, and goes after Orton with a knee to the face. Cena takes down HHH with a Chop Block, and all three men are down and resting.

Fifteen minutes later...

The match appears to be nearing its end as all three men are incredibly fatigued. HHH's legs have been razed throughout the match, while Cena and Orton have suffered a tremendous amount of physical damage as well. Desperate, and taking advantage of the lack of rules, Cena wraps a steel chair around HHH's leg and is about to stomp on it when Orton takes him down with an RKO. He goes for the cover. 1... 2... Triple H breaks it up! The Game connects with a Pedigree on Orton and goes for the pin. 1... 2... Orton gets his foot on the bottom rope!

JR: "Good God this is amazing! Hey wait a minute, what in the Hell is that bastard doin' out here?!"

Russo runs down to the ring, armed with a steel chair. He taunts Cena, who is groggily getting back to his feet. Russo swings the chair but Cena ducks. The chair bounces off the top rope and Russo hits himself in the face. Cena plants Russo with an F-U, and convinces HHH to hit a Pedigree and Orton to connect with an RKO, permanently disabling Russo from interfering anymore.

JR: "That vile SOB deserved every bit of that punishment!"

King: "I agree, JR. What a moron."

Cena goes to the outside and brings the steel steps into the ring. He sets them down and sets up HHH for an F-U onto them. The Game counters and goes for a Pedigree on the steps. Cena counters into a Back Body Drop. Orton goes for an RKO to Cena onto the steps but Cena counters and tosses Orton over the top rope. Cena grabs the steel chair in the ring and smashes HHH's legs, which get caught between the chair and the steps. Cena locks on the STF-U and applies it full force!"

JR: "Will HHH tap?! There's nowhere to go! Orton's on the outside! Cena's gonna do it!"

Triple H is writhing in agony, struggling to reach the bottom rope. He drags Cena a little but begins to fade away. The referee lives his arm and lets go. It drops. The ref lifts his arm again, and again it drops. The referee lifts HHH's arm for the third time but The Game manages to keep it from hitting the mat! He's refusing to tap out, but Cena is unrelenting!"

King: "Oh my God, JR, I've never seen anyone last this long in the STF-U!"


Triple H is screaming in agony. He lifts his hand above the mat, shaking and trembling. Having nowhere to go, the Game finally taps out!"


Chimel: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner and the NEW WWE Champion... John Cena!"

King: "What a match, Ross! John Cena has just reclaimed his WWE Title after so much adversion!"

JR: "Finally! Month after month, country after country, mile after mile, challenge after challenge, John Cena has yet again become the WWE Champion! Good God!"

Triple H is laid out. The referee hands Cena the title, as the Champ celebrates. Orton gets back in the ring and stands toe to toe with Cena. Orton appears upset, and it seems as though he is about to attack the new champion. Instead, he offers his hand, but Cena says screw that and the two hug, much to the delight of the crowd. The show appears to be ready to off the air, when Mr. McMahon comes out from backstage.

Mr. McMahon: "DAMNIT! DAMNIT! This wasn't supposed to happen! Russo, you sleazy, stupid bastard! I told you this wasn't a good idea! But you couldn't listen to me, no! You had to go off on one of your frivolous quixotic ideas and it got us nowhere! The Throng is still in control, and DAMN YOU FOR BREAKING YOUR END OF THE BARGAIN! But this is one mistake I won't have to live with because Russo... YOU'RE... FIRRRRREEEEEED!"

JR: "Dear lord, Mr. McMahon has just fired his confidant!"

King: "It's about time, Ross! I couldn't stand that damn accent!"

HHH recovers, and he, along with Orton and Cena, taunt Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: "Damnit I've had enough of this! Lashley get out here right now!"


Mr. McMahon: "Goddamnit I said come out here! Kennedy, get out here and kick their ass!"


Mr. McMahon: "Where in the Hell is everybody?!"

Just then, the Titantron turns on and the mystical messages flash on the screen.

Titantron: "HKNBTM.2.NC... IronXIIForLife... Ambrosial Cleft Sonata... Hell#1... Throng... Your Time Has Come..."

Nothing. The crowd boos. HHH, Cena and Orton are baffled. Just then, Mr. Kennedy and Lashley emerge from backstage and hit the ring. A brawl ensues, with the Throng having the 3-on-2 advantage. Mr. Kennedy and Lashley appear to be losing when the Titantron turns back on!

JR: "What in God's name is going on here?!"

King: "This is it, JR! I can feel it!"

Titantron: "Throng... your time has come... Enter... H... B... K!"

Shawn Michaels runs down to the ring and assists the New Corporation!

JR: "Oh dear lord say it ain't so! No! Shawn Michaels has returned, but he's helping Vince! Why, Shawn, why? DAMNIT TO HELL WHY? Have you no soul?! He's sold his soul to Satan himself! NO!"

The battle is about even, when Regal runs down to the ring and helps out the Throng.

JR: "OH MY GO--"

King: "Ross?.... Ross? Uh-oh" >_>

Just when it seems as though the Throng has the upper hand, Shane McMahon runs down to the ring with a steel chair and lays waste to them!

King: "What?! I thought Shane was on the Throng's side! What in the world?!"

The fans are booing madly, as Shane, Kennedy, Lashley and HBK force HHH, Cena, Orton and Regal out of the ring. Shane grabs a microphone while Mr. McMahon has a bewildered looks on his face.

Shane: "Throng, you are such fools! You should've listened to my father when he told you that we are ALWAYS in control! You've been pawns in our set-up all along! And now you've got to reap the consequences of what you've done! The dark era has begun for you, and the New Corporation shall rule the WWE with an iron fist!"

Mr. McMahon: "Shane.... I.... I can't believe it!"

Shane: "Save your words, dad. Shawn and I have been planning this for a long time. Your corporation has just grown. I suggest we take advantage of this."

Mr. McMahon: "Well... this Sunday IS Survivor Series..."

Shane: "What did you have in mind, pops?"

Mr. McMahon: "How about this? At Survivor Series it will be myself, Shane, Mr. Kennedy, Bobby Lashley and Shawn Michaels VS The Coach, William Regal, Randy Orton, John Cena and Triple H in a classic survival styles match!"

The Throng have a concerned look.

King: "I don't believe this."

Mr. McMahon: "Throng, I guaranDAMNtee you that this will be the end for your little union. We are going to put an end to your shenanigans once and for all! Oh, and Cena, once your little group gets disbanded courtesy of the New Corporation, we're gonna take that title from around your waist!"

Cena: "Listen to me you son of a *****, the only way you're gonna take this championship from me is if you pry it from my cold, dead fingers!"

Mr. McMahon: "...So be it."

What a groundbreaking episode of Monday Night Raw! John Cena has reclaimed the WWE Championship, and the feud between the two stables has grown more complex. Shawn Michaels has allied himself with the New Corporation, as has Shane McMahon, while the Throng have received William Regal. At Survivor Series, the rivalry is sure to culminate in an explosive encounter! With the treasure of the WWE Championship looming in the background, what does this all mean for John Cena? Has the Champ finally reached a dead-end? Tune in to Survivor Series to find out! The Never-Ending Reign WILL RETURN!

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