Alexandros Martinez, a newcoming Senior at Elizabeth Knicks High School, is excited about Senior Year. He cannot wait for big occasions like Senior BBQ's, Part-time jobs, Senior Rallies, and all those kinds of occasions. What he was mostly excited for was to be in almost the same classes as his friends.

When looking at the homeroom listings, he is also excited that he is in the same class as his friends. His homeroom teacher turns out to me Miss Claudine. She is one of the sweetest teachers at this school. She even cares for her students "like a great lady". The students in his homeroom were Daniel and Taylor.

For first period, the former stay for English. His English teacher turns out to be the same person as his homeroom teacher. She was also a magnificent teacher. She was nice enough to not give homework on the first day of school. Why? Because she's a magnificent teacher that the students should have.

For second period, he has Health class. The same Daniel that was in his homeroom, also appears in Alex's class. His teacher, Mr. Flentye, also turns out to be one of the greatest teachers at this High School. He has his affections for his students. As for the rest of the main characters, they are put in Miss Jo's P.E. class. Their first day of class was cool knowing that they sat in the gymnasium and filled out information cards to prove that the teachers have their (the students) parents contact info.

After their nutrition break, the teens headed to their third period class. For third, they have math with Miss Courtney. Alex also remembers that his sister had the same math teacher when she was a student at this school. She turned out to be great after his first class with her. The math that the main teenagers are in is called Algebra A-B, a course enlisted for students in Grades 10-12. Their day was simple when their teacher did not give them work on their first day.

For fourth period, he had Science with everyone he knows from his math class. The science that they are doing is Biology. Miss Molly will also be their teacher for Science and History. She turns out to be nice when she gives the students easy homework for home. She even told them more about herself.

At lunch, everyone got their lunches. The cafeteria served delicious hamburgers from the deli. When they got their food, Alex sat next to Evelyn, Daniel and Taylor, his immediate friends he made in his classes. They turned out to be fine friends, for now.

For fifth period, the twelve kids returned for Miss Molly's History class. She will teach them the three different kinds of history over the course of the school year (Roman History, Modern World History, and US History). She was also nice enough to not give out homework for History, but instead Science. This pleased some students, while some were far from mollified.

For sixth period, all of the students have Ms. Gidget as their Art teacher. She turned out to be a smart, and nice blond woman for a student. Man, was she a nice enough teacher to introduce the dynamics of art to the entire class. She even has a softer side of a normal teacher. On their first day, she claimed that the students don't have to draw artwork.

After school, Alex reflected his thoughts on his Twitter account about his first day as a Senior. He wrote that it turned out to be a great experience and hoped that he would continue his experience as a Senior of High School. At dinner, his family went to Sizzler, their favorite steakhouse in the state.

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