The First Turnabout(E)

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This case file page is in J-E Translation.
This page is also available in English, Romaji, and Japanese.
Case File
The First Turnabout

Turnabout Courtroom / Turnabout Courtroom: Revival Turnabout
Episode 1

Case File

The First Turnabout
August 3, Courtroom No. 2
Charge: Murder
Victim: Cindy Stone
Defendant: Larry Butz
Defense: Atty. Phoenix Wright
Plaintiff: Frank Sahwit
Prosecutor: Atty. Winston Payne
Witness List: Larry Butz, Frank Sahwit
Verdict: Not Guilty
Perpetrator: Frank Sahwit
Case Closed: August 3, 2:30 PM

Transcript File
Evidence List
Profile List
Defense Procedings

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