The Flintstones/The dreamstones is a parody with The Flintstones pictures and The dreamstone sounds.


  • Barney Rubble as Rufus
  • Batty Rubble as Amberly
  • Percy as Albert
  • Mr. S. as The Dream Maker
  • Fred Flintstone as Pildit
  • Bum-Bum Rubble as Mr. blossom
  • Shelly R. as Zordrak
  • Big Rock as Sergent Blob
  • Rocky as Corporal Frizz
  • Slick as Corporal Nug
  • X. the Villain as Urpgor
  • and More

Footage: Hit Enteriament Audio: Tempo tv classics

See Also

The dreamstone is the early 90's cult classic. The dreamstone first came out on ITV in 1990.

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