• Perkin as Ten Cents
  • Father Flump as Big Mac
  • Grandfather Flump as OJ
  • Mr Upperty (From Mr Man) as Top Hat
  • Mr Bump (From Mr Man) as Warrior
  • Uncle William as Hercules
  • Pootle as Sunshine
  • The Major of Trumpton (From Trumptonshire) as Captain Star
  • Chief Wiesel (From The Wind In Willows) as Zorran
  • Chief Wiesel's Assistant (From The Wind In Willows) as Zebedee
  • Nelson (From The Simpsons) as Zak
  • The Yellow Chicken (From Family Guy) as Zug
  • Boni (From The Trap Door) as Zip
  • Victor Quertermain (From Wallace and Gromit The Cruse of The Were Rabbit) as Captain Zero
  • Sooty (From Sooty) as Grampus
  • Flying Soctman (From Thomas and Friends) as Izzy Gomez
  • Mother Flump as Lillie Lightship
  • Posie as Sally Seaplane
  • Cousiu Fillbert as Sea Rogue
  • Stepney (From Thomas and Friends) as Sea Rogue's Uncle
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins (From The Powerpuff Girls) as Bluenose
  • Boco as (From Thomas and Friends) as Boomer
  • Berk and Drutt (From The Trap Door) as Burke and Blair
  • The Big Angry Red Thing The Purple Dinosaur and The Trap Door Monsters (From The Trap Door) as The White Fleet
  • Sideshow Bob and Snake (From The Simpsons) as The Pirates
  • Diesel (From Thomas and Friends) as Johnny Cuba
  • The Cloud as Nantucket
  • Duke (From Thomas and Friends) as Old Rusty
  • Allen (From BRWS) as Puffa
  • Pootle's Toy as Pearl
  • Bertha (From Bertha) as SS Vienna
  • and more

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