• Perkin as Winnie
  • Pootle as Piglet
  • Charlie (From TTTE) as Tigger
  • Hugh (From Trumptonshire) as Gopher
  • Grandfather Flump as Christopher Robin
  • Mr Forgetful (From Mr Men) as Eeyore
  • Posie as Kessie
  • The Foregin Engine (From TTTE) as Nasty Jack
  • The Cloud as Wooster
  • Diesel 10 D199 Old Stuck Up D261 Diesel Spalttler and Dodge (From TTTE) as Bees
  • Troublesome Trucks (From TTTE) as Bugs
  • Jack Sally The Mayor Lock Shock Barrel Dr Finkelstein and Clown (From The Nightmare Before Christmas) as Hefflehumps and Woozles
  • and More

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