The Fogman and Other Thomas Adventures (US) is a fan-fiction Thomas and Friends US VHS idea made by Pikachufreak. It features eight Season 6 episodes.


  1. The Fogman
  2. Salty's Secret
  3. Twin Trouble
  4. No Sleep For Cranky
  5. Harvey To The Rescue
  6. Elizabeth The Vintage Quarry Truck
  7. Gordon Takes A Tumble
  8. A Bad Day For Harold


  • Narrated by Alec Baldwin.
  • Release Date: September 24, 2002.
  • The Season 6 intro, nameplate sequence (2000-2005) and the Season 6 outro are used together.
  • The "Next Video Coming Up Soon!" logo is taken from the
  • The text is taken from the "Salty's Secret" 2002 VHS.
  • These stories are based on the UK Video.
  • Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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Closing Previews

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