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This is littledoegiuli95's movie spoof of Walt Disney's The Jungle Book


Bambi as Mowgli the Man-Cub

Ian (Open Season) as Bagheera the Panther

'Otis (Barnyard) 'as Baloo the Bear

'Prince John (Robin Hood) as 'as King Louie of the Apes

Sir Hiss (Robin Hood) Kaa the Snake

'Nessus (Hercules) 'as Shere Khan the Tiger

'Ben (Barnyard) 'as Col. Hathi the Elephant

'Zoey (Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer) 'as Winifred

'Annabelle (Annabelle's Wish) 'Hathi Junior

'The Coyotes (Barnyard) 'as The Vultures

'Rosie (Open Season) 'Akela

The Wolves (Alpha and Omega) Mowgli's Wolf Parents

'Faline (Bambi) as 'Shanti

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