The Four Forgotten Memories is a Marvel Versus HB 2: New Age of Heroes episode.


  • The Longstocking and Blonde sisters, in their Shirley Fenette outfits and opaque nude tights, want to have their memories forgotten. So they did and start enjoying themselves without their black high heeled pumps.


  • Bailey
  • Marina
  • Serena Tsukino
  • Mina Aino


Part 1

  • (We see the four girls in Shirley Fenette outfits and opaque nude tights)
  • Bailey: Ah, those forgotten memories.
  • Marina: We're Fenette sisters.
  • Serena: It's fun to wear nude tights.
  • Mina: Cute nylons.
  • Bailey: We love to be skin toned sisters.
  • Marina: So adorable.
  • Serena: Wearing these can make us wonderful.
  • Mina: And so beautiful.
  • Bailey: Let's all wiggle our toes.
  • Marina, Serena and Mina: Right.
  • (The four girls wiggle their nyloned toes)
  • Bailey: How cutie!
  • Marina: We love toe wiggling.
  • Serena: Aww, our nude tights are our favorites.
  • Mina: That's right.
  • Bailey: Let's rub our nyloned feet.
  • Marina, Serena and Mina: You said it.
  • (The four girls rub their nyloned feet)
  • Bailey: Our white cuffs are our favorites.
  • Marina: They're also used for Asahina outfits.
  • Serena: Of course, Meilin and Tomoyo are sisters.
  • Mina: They're Fenettes too.
  • Bailey: Let's start doing a tease.
  • Marina, Serena and Mina: Of course.
  • (The four girls start doing a tease)
  • Bailey:

Part 2

Part 3

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