The Fox is a killer who real name is Peter Hulton he killed a total of 8 people and almost killed another 13. He soon found himself crossing paths with the Rivers when he started his attack the River took action back it was the Fifth River who was in the form of the River, Claire Barnett who started the attack along with the Rivers they followed his killing spree and tracked him down. The Fox found himself in a big fight with the Rivers. In the fight he tried to kill Laura Bond with a rope around her Neck. However this failed when Steph Colledge hit him over the head with a bottle.

Soon the Police had caught up with the Fox they also wanted to have words with the Rivers who had done damage when trying to find him. The Rivers found themself facing off with a full police force they manage to escape after dealing with around 20 officers. In the battle Laura Bond was thinking about leaving after the close call but she stayed in the group.

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