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The Fox of Notre Dame (MisterCartoonMovie Style) is MisterCartoonMovie's movie-spoof of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".

  • Quasimodo - Tod (The Fox and the Hound)
  • Esmeralda - Lady (Lady and the Tramp)
  • Phoebus - Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)
  • Frollo - Kazar (The Wild)
  • Hugo - Brer Rabbit (Song of the South)
  • Victor - Dinky (w/ Boomer as an extra) (The Fox and the Hound)
  • Laverne - Gadget Hackwrench (Chip and Dale Rescure Rangers)
  • The Archdeacon - Bagheera (The Jungle Book)
  • Clopin - Scat Cat (The Aristocats)
  • Puppet Clopin - Roquefort (The Aristocats)
  • Achilles - Manny (Ice Age)
  • Djali - Berlioz (The Aristocats)
  • Guard Leader(s) - Brer Fox and Brer Bear (Song of the South)
  • Quasimodo's Mother - Maid Marian (Robin Hood)
  • Bird with Quasimodo - Sasha (Make Mine Music: Peter and the Wolf)
  • Torturer - Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Gypsies in Beginning of film - Weasels (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)
  • Miller - Mufasa (The Lion King)

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