• (Scene opens with The Storyteller holding a microphone)
  • Storyteller: Welcome to the Fraggle Rock Relay Race. In this race, 5 Fraggles will race all around Fraggle Rock. And now, without further ado, let's introduce all of our runners. (Gobo runs up to the racetrack) Runner Gobo.
  • Gobo: I'm all ready for the race!
  • Storyteller: (offscreen) Runner Mokey. (Mokey runs up to the track)
  • Mokey: The best runner ever. I even wrote a poem about the race!
  • Gobo: We'll listen to it after, Mokey.
  • Storyteller: (offscreen) Runnin' Wembley, and his bongos. (Wembley runs up to the track playing bongos)
  • Wembley: I'm gonna win!
  • (Boober runs up to the track)
  • Storyteller: (offscreen) Brilliant Boober.
  • Boober: I'm gonna wash my socks soon. Can we please shorten the race?
  • Red: (offscreen) NO WAY!
  • (Cut to Red running up to the track while shouting "YAY! WOO HOO HOO! WAHOO! YEAH WAHOO WAHOO! YAHOO! YIPPEE!")
  • Storyteller: And last, but not least, Really Red! 
  • Red: WHOOPEE!
  • Boober: Red, you're gonna turn into Blue Fraggle if we don't get to the end of Fraggle Rock.
  • (Cut back to Storyteller)
  • Storyteller: Now it's time for the National Anthem. Sung by our favorite group of Fraggle musicians, The Minstrels.
  • (Cantus, Murray, Brio, Brool and Balsam walk up)
  • Cantus: (In Song) Your foot is in my ham on rye, you pie dee, you pie da! Nop! Little makeup on the small clouds away Fraggles! Yatatatatata kaboom! Mr. Ah! Caw! Ooh! Nop!

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