Bremeekat16's movie-spoof of THE SWAN PRINCESS.


- Adult Odette - Thumbelina (Thumbelina 1994)

- Swan Odette - Frog Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

⁃Adult Derek - Prince Cornellius (Thumbelina 1994)

- Rothbart - Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

- Great Animal - Shaptooth (Land Before Time series)

- Jean-Bob - Petrie (The Land Before Time film series)

- Speed - Louis (The Princess and the Frog)

- Puffin - Ray (The Princess and the Frog)

- Queen Uberta - Annie Hughes (The Iron Giant)

- King William - Maurice (Beauty and the Beast)

- Lord Rogers - Dean McCoppin (The Iron Giant)

- Bromley - Thomas (Disney's Pocahontas)

- Chamberlain - Human Kuzco (Disney's The Emperor's New Groove)

- Bridget - Gnorga (A Troll in Central Park)

- Baby Odette - Rosie (A Troll in Central Park)

- Young/Mid-Teen/Young Adult Odette - Cecillia (We're Back! A Dinosaur Story)

- Young/Mid-Teen/Young Adult Derek - Gus (A Troll in Central Park)

- Young Bromley - Lampwick (Disney's Pinocchio)

- Alligators in the Moat - Strut and Ozzy (The Land Before Time 2: The Great Valley Adventure)

- Other characters: Palace Band/Target Practice Animals (During the "Practice, Practice, Practice" song sequence); Princesses on Parade - Various characters from various movies and TV series

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