The Funny Face Show is an American-Spanish anime series created by Larry Schwarz (creator of Kappa Mikey). The show is based on the Funny Face Drink Mix markets. The cartoon got picked up by Cartoon Network and aired in February 1, 2011. The show's third season premiered in March 18, 2012.

The show's theme song is "Shaman King" featuring several scenes from the show.


After touching the Mystical Ooze Hotsprings, six citizens that met in camp have been cursed to when ever being splashed by cold water will transform into the fruit their heritage eats.


  • Bill Farmer as Goofy Grape: Real name Gregory Weems, he is a psycologically Belgian-American teenager at the age of 16. Greg's characteristics are based on Goofy Goof of Walt Disney who Farmer currently voices, which why their voices resembles. His signature fruit is the grape.
  • Geno Segers as Injun Orange: Real name Tonto (but is known as Crazy Horse), he is a silent Native-American pack leader, age 18, who has a bass voice and is very strong. His signature fruit is the orange. His character is the first time Geno has a voice-over role. In the musical episode "Meloduke", Segers experiences his singing voice he used from The Lion King musicals to voice Injun's singing voice.
  • Miranda Cosgrove as Freckleface Strawberry: Real name Stephanie Armbuster, a Caucasian 14-year old girl who is a misfit and despises her freckles. She starred in a popular novel of the same name in which her freckles are the basic plot. She is also a clutz as she tends to fall on her face several times. She has a crush on Chinese Cherry. Her signature fruit is the strawberry.
  • Dante Basco as Chinese Cherry: Real name Lung Ho (full name Lung Haoshi No), a Chinese-American ronin who loves kicking it old school and rapping. He usually wears a coolie hat for the first season but due to racially sensitive programming, it was changed to a baseball cap. His rapping singing voice is provided by Coolie (when freestyling, Basco does it). His signature fruit is the cherry blossom. Age: 17
  • Billy West as Loud Mouth Lime: Real name Lenny Leonard, a drunk Ecuadorian-American promotional star who lives in a rich life with his butler, Smithers, but has anger-management issues. Some of his drinking was deemed controversal due to showing alcohol. His signature fruit is the lime. Age: 20.
  • Jeff Bennett as Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry: Real name Richard Buyer (Farmer Buyer), a Texan cowboy and potato farmer who has an ifinity for cows. His signature fruit is the raspberry. Age: 29.
  • Three Thinks Five Members:
    • Jason David Frank as Pharaoh Punch: An Egyptian-American punk rocker who's real name is never revealed. He possesses the power of King Tutankhamen after saying a mystical chant. His signature fruit is the pineapple.
    • Tara Strong as Lowvoice Lemon: Real name Carl Carlson, a Norwegian-American mute character who speaks with a low voice. He is 16-years old. His signature fruit is the lemon.
    • Rob Paulsen as Tokyo Tangelo: Real name Bob Kumagawa (after Japanese animator), a Japanese-American warrior who thinks he's a superhero. He is 17-years old and he is based on Vo Atsushi of New Rote'ka. His signature fruit is the tangelo.
    • Ringo Starr as Redheaded Mango: Real name Nigel Armbuster, an English-American troublemaker who is polite and wishes to turn the world into England before the American Revolution has began. His appearance is based on Paul McCartney, even sporting the Beatles mop-top haircut. His signature fruit is the mango.
    • Jess Harnell as Wilbur Watermelon: Real name Wilbur Water, a Scottish-American lovable oaf with low self estem. At the age of 14, he has siblings that are cursed to be melons. He and his siblings are based on the Animaniacs. His signature fruit is the watermelon.
  • Dan Green as Samuel Vern: An otaku who loves anime, mangas and video games. He invented a potion that changes his personality into a wild demon (parodying The Nutty Professor). Samuel has a cousin vampire named David.
  • Melissa Altro as Samantha: A care-free and athletic girl who enjoys playing around and doing gymnastics.
  • Spencer Klein as Hanage: The bully of the school where the characters go to who loves Samantha.
  • George Lopez as Federico Rodriguez: A wise-cracking jokester who is based on Lopez' character from the 2003-2007 TV series.
  • Jim Conroy as Mike Turntable: A rookie filmmaker who makes the characters suffer with his movie trivia and his film challenges. He is based on DJ, Casey Kasem and his personality and voice mannerism is based on Conroy's original voicework, Ruff Ruffman.
  • Geno Segers as Tod: Injun Orange's robotic assistance who's voice syncronization is based on his master, similar to the Elektro robot of the 1940s.
  • Jason Griffin as Manfaza Lai Makowski: Injun's older brother who excels at him in most of his family.
  • Bridget Mendler as Cynthia Armbuster: Freckleface's older sister who does not know about her sister's curse.
  • Mitchell Musso as Skat Fujiota':' A Japanese-American child who is a musician and an athlete. His parents have suffered through differences between their nationalities since Skat is born with his father's skin complexion but is of Japanese descent. His mother is a Japanese schoolgirl and his father is an American NAVY sailor. They met during a trip in Yokohona. They are afraid to ask each other out to dinner because of their cultural differences of eating dinner (Euzoa (mom) eats with chopsticks and John (dad) eats with a fork and knife). And, the ship that John is on leaves in a couple of hours so John learns how to use chopsticks with the help of a Japanese waiter and Euzoa learns how to eat Western food with her Uncle Hiro, who hanged with the Englishmen in London. After meeting each other, they fight over which cuisine to eat: Western or Japanese, so they planned to each which food on each day. Skat is named after footballer Scott Fujiota (who is Caucasian but born as part of Japanese).
  • Casey Kasem as Devlyn "Disco" Fever: Mike's rival who is a deejay and performs several records and is commercially succesful in which the Funny Face gang also enjoy.
  • Ian James Cortlett as Oyiijw Hatenka Schuu: The leader of an organization called the Cheese Warriors who enslaved a village and conducted it's dairy farms removing all of the cheese and milk plantations. His name is pronounced as (oiiijew-hahftenkaah-shuuuu)..


The origin of the Funny Face drink mix existed in 1964. Two of the most popular flavors: Injun Orange and Chinese Cherry were later replaced with less ethnic variations due to racial controversy. In the anime series, Injun and Chinese were the characters.

When the series aired in 4kids, Injun's appearance is conteroversal due to portraying a stereotype to Native Americans. Many paint edits were made making his appearance look like the variation that replaced Injun Orange in the drink line, Jolly Olly Orange. Chinese Cherry left unedited but on some episodes, replaced the coolie hat with a railroad worker's hat simulating Choo Choo Cherry. Only 52 of the 64 episodes of season one were edited and aired.

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