The Further Adventures of T.K. Takaishi is a fan-fiction TV Show created by Pikachufreak.


  • The show resolves on T.K. Takaishi (from Digimon Season 2) the main character. His older brother is Matt Ishida (also from Digimon Season 2), his partner is Patamon, his girlfriend is Kari Kamiya (also from Digimon Season 2), his best friend is Cody Hida (also from Digimon Season 2), his rival is Takuya Kanbara (from Digimon Season 4), his total crush is Catharine (from Digimon World Tour Part 2), his enemy is The Green Goblin (from The Spectacular Spiderman), his parents are Nancy Takaishi and Hiroaki Ishida, Matt's partner is Gabumon, Matt's girlfriend is Raye Hino (from Sailor Moon), Matt's total crush is Naru Narusegawa (from Love Hina), Kari's partner is Gatomon (Patamon's girlfriend), Kari's older brother is Tai Kamiya (also from Digimon Season 2), Kari's rival is Tomo Takino (Takuya's girlfriend, from Azumanga), Cody's partner is Armadillomon, Cody's girlfriend is Tsuaka Hiiragi (from Lucky Star), Cody's best friend is Tommy Himi (Takuya's younger brother, also from Digimon Season 4), Tsukasa's twin sister is Kagami Hiiragi (Tommy's girlfriend, also from Lucky Star), Catherine's partner is Floramon (Patamon's total crush), Catharine's boyfriend is Kabuto (from Mazinkaiser), Raye's grandfather is Grandpa Hino (also from Sailor Moon), Raye's total crush is Chad (Naru's boyfriend, also from Sailor Moon), Tai's partner is Agumon, Tai's girlfriend is Serena Tsukino (also from Sailor Moon), Tai's best friend is Joe Kido (also from Digimon Season 2), Tai's total crush is Kagura Sohma (from Fruits Basket), Serena's younger sister is Rini Tsukino (also from Sailor Moon), Serena's total crush is Darien Phillips (Kagura's boyfriend, also from Sailor Moon), Serena's pet cat is Luna, Darien's younger brother is Sammy Tsukino (Rini's boyfriend, also from Sailor Moon), Joe's partner is Gomamon, Joe's girlfriend is Mina Aino (also from Sailor Moon), Joe's total crush is Keiko Yukimura (from Yu-Yu Hakusho), Joe's older brother is Jim Kido (also from Digimon Season 2), Mina's total crush is Yaten Rogers (Keiko's boyfriend, also from Sailor Moon), Mina's pet cat is Artemis (Luna's boyfriend), Takuya's best friends are Koji Minamoto and J.P. Shibayama (both also from Digimon Season 4), Jim's girlfriend is Rei Ayanami (from Evangelion), Koji's girlfriend is Lina Inverse (from Slayers), Koji's twin brother is Koichi Kimura (also from Digimon Season 4), J.P.'s girlfriend is Fraw Bow (from Gundam) and Koichi's girlfriend is Osaka Kasuga (also from Azumanga). The Series premiered on March 1, 2004 and is currently in its 9th Season.


  1. T.K. Takaishi
  2. Matt Ishida
  3. Patamon
  4. Kari Kamiya
  5. Cody Hida
  6. Takuya Kanbara
  7. Catharine
  8. The Green Goblin
  9. Nancy Takaishi
  10. Hiroaki Ishida
  11. Gabumon
  12. Raye Hino
  13. Naru Narusegawa
  14. Gatomon
  15. Tai Kamiya
  16. Tomo Takino
  17. Armadillomon
  18. Tsukasa Hiiragi
  19. Tommy Himi
  20. Kagami Hiiragi
  21. Floramon
  22. Kabuto
  23. Grandpa Hino
  24. Chad
  25. Agumon
  26. Serena Tsukino
  27. Joe Kido
  28. Kagura Sohma
  29. Rini Tsukino
  30. Darien Phillips
  31. Luna
  32. Sammy Tsukino
  33. Gomamon
  34. Mina Aino
  35. Keiko Yukimara
  36. Jim Kido
  37. Yaten Rogers
  38. Artemis
  39. Koji Minamoto
  40. J.P. Shibayama
  41. Rei Ayanami
  42. Lina Inverse
  43. Koichi Kimura
  44. Fraw Bow
  45. Osaka Kasuga


Season 1 (2004-2005)

Season 2 (2005-2006)

Season 3 (2006-2007)

Season 4 (2007-2008)

Season 5 (2008-2009)

Season 6 (2009-2010)

Season 7 (2010-2011)

Season 8 (2011-2012)

Season 9 (2012-2013)

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