In the town of Green Meadow that's a lot like yours There's some kids who know what a gang is for They've learned what being happy's really all about It comes from friends who help each other out Friends who help each other out

You know you've got to have friends if you want to have fun A whole lot of smiles are better than one You can get a lot done when you know you belong You can get a lot farther when you get along All you have to do is get along

We're the Get-Along-Gang having our fun The Get-Along-Gang out on the run We share and play and laugh and talk and work together too There's nothing that the Get-Along-Gang can't do

We're the Get-Along-Gang, oh what a team The Get-Along-Gang works like a dream To get a friend just be a friend, that's all you've got to do And the Get-Along-Gang is the gang for you

The End

Bingo: Bye Bye, Come Back Again Real Soon!

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