The Revived Terror

Vizor: I Ac... Wha?!

2 Ghosts: Hahahahahaha!

Placido: This is still Battle Royal Mode.

1 Ghost: Fortresse, Explosion!


Placido: What's wrong. I didn't... Huh?

Ash: Faster Pikachu, faster.

Vizor: Ash is back.

Placido: Just as I hoped Ash Ketchum.

Vizor: Ash, keep going. I deal with the Diablo.

Ash: Right. Placido, this ends now.

Placido: Lets...

Jose: Stop this. Ash has somehow obtained a new evolution.

Luccanio: He's somehow recieved ZONE's will as well as us.

Placido: What?!

Jose: Placido, whatever you do get out of...

Transmission Break

Placido: I don't carehow he's been able to recieve our will! Behold my true power!

Ash: What's happening?!

(Fusion Sequence)

Ash: How on earth?!

Placido: Ash, you won't escape my Machine Emperor like the last time with my test Ghost. Lets Battle!

To be continued...

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