Elmo's World The Girl Who Loved Her Feet

The Girl who Loved her Feet appeared in the TV sketch for the 'Feet' episode of Elmo's World. She showed an extreme love for her feet, she kisses them, walks on the beach with them, has fun in mud puddles with them, jumps rope with them, & goes dancing with them. At the end of the sketch, when she goes to bed, her dog, Tootsie, decided to see what her feet taste like, so he gives them multiple licks. However, the Girl's feet are incredibly ticklish to the wet, slobbery, doggie-tongue kisses, as she laughs & tells Tootsie to stop. However, he does not stop, they must taste very yummy, that he will never stop, ever, as the sketch then comes to an end as he continues slurping them.

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