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The Glasspack is a psychedelic punk rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band was formed in 1999 by frontman and native Louisvillian "Dirty" Dave Johnson. The Glasspack has since recorded 1 garage ep, 2 garage lps, 2 studio lps, and numerous cover songs as well as toured the U.S. relentlessly. Three of the lps were released on Detroit's Small Stone Records, also known for such bands as Men of Porn, Honky, Five Horse Johnson, and Clutch. The band takes it's name from the loud obnoxious fiber-glass filled automobile muffler, a glasspack.

The bands' music (tracks "Peepshow," "Barn Party," and "Hairsoup" from their 2004 release Bridgeburner) has been featured in MTV shows Viva La Bam and Homewrecker. The band also has tracks from it's 2002 Powderkeg release in video games MLB 2K5 (2K Sports Major League Baseball series) and Amped 3, both made by 2K Sports. Amped 3 came with the package release of the X-Box 360.

Most recently, the bands' latest full-length lp, Dirty Women from Small Stone Records, landed them a sold-out headlining spot for their first trip to Europe at Holland's Roadburn Festival on Sunday April 20th, 2008. The festival is sponsored by Roadburn Magazine and Terrorizer Magazine and takes place annually at the 013 Pop Centre in Tilburg, Holland.

The Glasspack was included in the internationally distributed book Rock Detector: A to Z of Doom, Gothic & Stoner Metal, published 2003 by Cherry Red Books.


  • Road Warriors' E.P. CD (2000, Better Days Records)
  • American Exhaust LPCD (2001, Riverock Records)
  • Powderkeg LPCD (2002, Small Stone Records)
  • Bridgeburner LPCD (2004, Small Stone Records)
  • Dirty Women LPCD (2007, Small Stone Records)
  • The Glasspack/Muddy Nasty River E.P. Vinyl (2007, Sleeping Village Records)


"Underground Invasion: Volume 4" LP/CD (Beer City Records)
"Dedication From The Sullen Waters Of The Ohio" LP/CD (Fusion Records)
"Cheap Thrills: Volume I" LP/CD (Better Days Records)
"Cheap Thrills: Volume II" LP/CD (Better Days Records)
"Saturday March 24, 2001 Show Compilation" EP/CD (Noise Pollution)
"The Motherlodge Lodge: A Tribute To The Rudyard Kipling, Volume I" LP/CD (Mother Lodge Records)
"Sucking the 70's" LP/CD (Small Stone Records)
"Sucking the 70's 2: Back in the Saddle Again" LP/CD (Small Stone Records)
"Hammer Down: Volume I" LP/CD (Motor Brand Clothing Promo CD)


  • "Dirty" Dave Johnson- Vocals/guitar
  • Dave Mancini - Bass
  • Brett Holsclaw - Drums
  • Brian Foor - Keys


Ed Mundell - Monster Magnet, Atomic Bitchwax
Bob Pantella - Monster Magnet, Raging Slab
Scott Hamilton - Small Stone Records
Phil Durr - Giant Brain, Big Chief
Adam Neal - The Hookers
Matt Jaha - Lords, Coliseum
Todd Cook - Dead Child, Slint
Mark Abromavage - Arch, Kinghorse
Jason Hayden - Vrktm, Crain, Sunspring
Eric McManus - Lords


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