• Connie: Dinner's on the table.
  • Carlo: I'm not hungry yet. 
  • Connie: The food is on the table, it's getting cold.
  • Carlo: I'll eat out later. 
  • Connie: You just told me to make you dinner! 
  • Carlo: Hey, bafangool, eh? (then, in the TRILOGY edition) Leave me alone!
  • Connie: Ah, bafangool, you! (runs off)
  • Carlo: (heard a noise with dish crashed) This little guinea brat!
  • [Carlo goes out of the bedroom, and goes over to the kitchen.] 
  • Carlo: That's it, break it all you spoiled guinea brat, break it all! 
  • Connie: (quickly run into the dining room as Carlo following him) Why don't you bring... Why don't you bring your whore home for dinner? And get...?
  • Carlo: (after Connie tosses a pitcher of wine) Maybe I will! Why not? Yeah you, go ahead!
  • Connie: (Screams and cries, pushes vases and dishes from the cabinet onto the floor, it crashes)
  • Carlo: (yelling) Now clean it up! 
  • Connie: (yelling) Aw, like hell I will! 
  • Carlo: (yelling, removing his belt and strike out and chase by Connie) Clean it up! Clean it up, you guinea spoiled brat! Clean it up! Clean it up, I said, clean it up! Clean that up! Clean it up! 
  • Connie: (yelling) You son of a bitch! 
  • Carlo: (yelling) Clean it up! Clean that up you sonofabitch! Clean it! Clean it up! (then, once Connie picks up a butcher knife) Yeah yeah, come on now, kill me! Be a murderer like your father! Come on, all you. Corleones are murderers anyway. 
  • Connie: (yelling, after Carlo grabs her arm, the knife fall down, before we run) I will! I will! I hate you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! 
  • Carlo: (yelling) Come on, you, kill me! Get out here! Get out here! 
  • Connie: (yelling, running into the bathroom, closing the door) I hate you! 
  • Carlo: (yelling, kicking the door open, and beating her as she screams) Go ahead, now I'll kill you! You guinea brat you! Get out here! 

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