The Gravediggers


A shovel with specks of dirt on it.



A family compound somewhere on Long Island.



The Boss, family liason


In many ways, Nikki is a typical Italian girl. She has a full oval face, pouty lips, thick eyebrow and blue eyes which contrast her dark hair and complexion. In a dress, she would blend in with many other youngish woman. She rarely wears a dress. Dark sports jackets, dark slacks and a button down appropriately colored for the occasion is her standard uniform. She generally leaves it unbuttoned enough to expose a bit of the woman underneath. She likes to drink, smoke cigars and swear. Her brother Julius describes her as a cuter, thinner Tony Soprano. Her spitfire attitude, and her epic temper are anything but cute.

Known Info

Nikki was not handed the reigns of power. After awakening at a young age, she had a wrest it from an aging cabal out of touch with reality. They were sinking the family name before they even reached the modern age, and she felt she had too bright of a future to let that happen before her time came. She learned fast, she gathered the younger members of the family around her, and she asserted herself... taking lead in the family by the time she was twenty five. It is well known in the Mage community that she's in charge, and that if someone needs something done. They'd better go through her. Rumors: She and Julius are close, too close.


Mob Capo, Enforcer


Julius is a big man. Not just tall, but broad. At six and a half feet tall, he looks and acts the part of the dumb bruiser. Yet at moments, his eyes bely a frightening cunning. Unlike his sister, there is nothing cute about him. People are hesitant to even call him handsome. He has dark skin, a face covered in constant stubble and a prominent jaw. His low brow shades his dark eyes, and gives him a slightly Gorilla like appearance.

Known Info

He was happy to play second fiddle to his sister. He is more comfortable in the background. His role as family enforcer, and status in the local mob are good enough for him. Rumors: He looks like an inbred Gorilla, he might be inbred


Socialite, Public relations


Sandra is one of those legendary beauties. Her body is all curves with legs that go one forever. Her skin is perfect. Olive. Her eyes are a vibrant blue green that reduce men and woman alike to putty. She is known for her trademark scarlet lipstick.

Known Info

She has been connected to every major New York socialite. Reguardless of truth, the rumors carry power. Power increased by her trademark scarlet lipstick, and the many places its been "spotted" by "a friend of a friend". Few people outside the cabal actually know she is a Mage. While a member of the Legacy, she never progressed beyond the first attainment. Instead she focuses herself on Arcana of Mind and Space. She is the only Mastigos in the current gravediggers.


Union Guy, Undead Scholar


Benardo is an average looking Joe. He has blond hair, blue eyes and an even tan from working outside. He has an easy, affable way about him that allows him to blend in fairly easy.

Known Info

Most people don't understand how someone as average as Bernie awakened. He seems so lack luster, that he would just go one sleeping forever. They certainly don't expect him to know much about the undead, but the few times people have paid the heft cost for Giovonni advice on the undead... it was Bernie they were sent to.


The Alchemist/Occultist


Known Info

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