• Narrator: From ReaderRabbitRocks, It's Adventure
  • Bertie: We've Not A Moment To Lose
  • Narattor: It's Excitment
  • Mat: Bertie! Look Out
  • Narrator: And It's Coming Your Way!
  • (Bertie Screams)
  • Narrator: It's The Great Bird Detective!
  • Bertie: Smile Everyone
  • Narrator: He's Bertie
  • Big Brown Bird: Amazing
  • Narrator: And He's Teaming Up With Buster
  • (Gnorga's Dog Screams)
  • Narrator: Big Brown Bird, and Mat
  • (Mat Bites a hand and Llort Screams)
  • Narrator: To Take On Llort, The World's Biggest Lizard
  • Llort: What Did You Call Me?
  • Bertie: You're A Slimy Contemptable SEWER LIZARD!
  • (Llort Screams)
  • Narrator: You're Invited To Join The Fun,
  • (Crowd Boos at Timon and Pumbaa)
  • Narrator: with ReaderRabbitRocks' classic, The Great Bird Detective
  • (Cymbal Bangs Bertie)

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