Earth Destroyed

Meteor Striking Earth in the Great Cataclysm

When Jupiter Outpost called to earth about the incoming meteor the ships of earth prepared to try and repel the oncoming rock.

Many squads were sent to try and destroy the meteor in midflight, before it hit the earth, but things looked grim. One last squad was sent, and an epic began, but sadly, they did not make it alive.

Neptune Outpost reported in, and Juiter soon after, of countless more Meteors, and the Star Systme was indeed in mortal doom.

The system was evacuated, and the survivors set out to find a new home.

The travelers found what seemed to be a wormhole, and quick assessment ensured its safety. The ships entered anxiously, but they did not all come ouot at the same place. The wormhole scattered the humans, and those who made it to new star systems from the wormhole quickly setteled, while those few misfortunate failed to survive.

Eventually over the milennia all but five star systems still held what was once the human race, scattered across the universe. Civilaztion had begun again.

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