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The Great Empire of Kevin Islands
Imperial Seal
Coat of Arms
Imperial Coat of Arms
Motto Be Faithful, Be United
Anthem Hail O' Royal Islands
Capital Kevinsburg
Largest City Rockfordshire
Official Language(s) English de facto and German de jure
  • Head of State
• Head of Government
•Emperor Kevin "The Great"
•Prime Minister George Blaine
Independence (Declared and Recognized) from Great Britain
July 18, 1799
  • Total
2,435,608 km2
1,513,487 sq mi
  • 2018 census

Urban: 72%
Rural: 28%
  • Total
• Per Capita
2018 estimate
•29.43 trillion
• K$ 51,203
Religion Protestant: 80%
Catholic: 17%
Others : 3%
Political Parties Labour Republican Party
(left-wing rural and urban)
Conservative Democratic Party(right-wing suburban)
Literacy Rate 100%
Currency 1 Kevinian Dollars (K$) = 100 Pennies (P)

The Great Empire of Kevin Islands, also known as T.G.E.K.I. , Kevin Islands, Kevin Inseln (German), is a country in Europe. The Great Empire of Kevin Islands is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary, semi-federal republic, with its capital in Kevinsburg.

At over 1.5 million square miles (over 2.4 million km²), the Great Empire of Kevin Islands is the eleventh largest country by total area. It is the world's most populous Christian-majority nation, with adherents spanning across all major denominations. Na


Kevin Islands was under the control of Native Kevinians then from the years 900-1200. During the 1000's, British invaders made a deal with the Native Kevinians to help them in incorporating a free and democratic nation. The Native Kevinians accepted the deal and offer their hand to the British in building the nomad islands into a nation.

By the year 1300's, the Japanese pirates entered the waters of Kevin Islands in order to search for additional food as they go along their trip. But, after they find for food, they decided to stay in the islands and do some business. But the business turned to be a seizure of the current government. 520 Japanese pirates burned down the center of the government and burned down 1,203 tribal dwellings. They were able to take-in-charge of the government for almost a century. The Japanese were credited for promoting small-scale business in the capital of the island. But, after their 94 years stay in Kevin Islands, a few decided to flee the islands and immigrate into other neighboring islands.

By 1400, the British managed to take the control of the islands again. The small island started to showed its productivity and efficiency in labor as they started to make small manual-weaving products and selling it to neighboring islands.

On July 16, 1799, the British Governor General Chris Fulliburton and King Gerald IV inked an independence agreement to free the small islands from its motherland.

King Gerald IV ordered the next day in a creation of a new Constitution that will embody the new nation's policies and guide the new nation in its competition with other nations in the world.

===Charter Change of 1998===

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