The Great Mouse Detective - I WAS FROZEN TODAY!

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A random video from "The Great Mouse Detective" with Christopher Lloyd shouting that he was frozen today.


  • Olivia: Now will you please listen to me? My daddy's gone and I'm all alone!
  • Basil: Young lady, this is a most inopportune time. Surely your mother knows where he is.
  • Olivia: I--I don't have a mother.

(Violin Screeches)

  • Basil: Well, uh, er, then perhaps--See here. I simply have no time for lost fathers.
  • Olivia: (Sounded like Christoper Lloyd) I WAS FROZEN TODAY!
  • Basil: What?
  • Ratigan: Why you gibbering little-- (Groaning)
  • Olivia: (Sighs)

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