(The camera breaks out of the clouds again, and now we have a bird's eye view of downtown London. Below, a carriage is moving through the streets.)

  • Jim Crow/Dr. David Q. Dawson: It was the Eve of good Princess Presto's Diamond Jubilee, and the year Her Majesty's government came...(more forebodingly) to the very brink of disaster. She... Oh... (chuckles) I'm... I'm getting ahead of myself. (The camera focuses briefly on the passenger inside the carriage before it pans down, revealing a slender, yet buff, crow with blue eyes, black feathers, and both a yellow-orange beak and legs wearing a blue coat with a gold button, a lavender cravat with fuchsia stripes, a brown bowler hat with a fuchsia hatband and a blue sprig, and lavender spats on his feet. He was known as Jim Crow, and he was sitting on the foot pedestal, smoking a cigar and reading a newspaper.) My name is Jim Dandy Crow, most recently of Princess Presto's 66th Regiment. (The carriage stops, and after his human traveling companion departs, Jim Crow hops onto the sidewalk. He opens the newspaper again, and we see that he has marked several places available for rent.) I had just arrived in London after lengthy service in Afghanistan and was anxious to find a quiet place...(A drop of rain falls onto the paper. Jim Crow folds it up and opens his umbrella.) (chuckling) ...preferably dry...where I could rest and find a bit of peace. Little did I know, but my life was about to change forever.

(As Jim Crow walks through an alleyway, he pauses. From inside a forgotten rain boot, he can hear someone crying. He walks over to the shoe and sees June sitting on a medicine box labelled "Gaston's Liver Pills" crying softly.)

  • Jim Crow/Dawson: Aha! Oh my! (June was heard crying.) Are you all right, my dear?

(June turns to him. Jim Crow removes a handkerchief from his vest pocket and hands it to her.)

  • Jim Crow/Dawson: Oh, come now. Come, come. Here, here, dry your eyes.

(June takes the handkerchief and blows her nose. She sniffles and wipes her nose as she gives it back to Jim Crow and he puts it back in his pocket, taking a seat beside her.)

  • Jim Crow/Dawson: Ah, yes, that's better. Now tell me, what's troubling you, my dear?
  • June/Olivia: (sniffles) I...I'm lost. (sniffles again) I-I-I'm trying to find Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town.

(She hands him a small newspaper clipping.)

  • Jim Crow/Dawson: Now, let me see here...(he leans his face closer to the clipping to read the headline.) "Famous Pokemon trainer solves baffling disappearance." Mmm, hmmm. But where are your mommy and daddy?

June/Olivia: (tears welling up in her eyes again) That's why I m-m-must find Ash!

(She begins to sob into her hands.)

  • Jim Crow/Dawson: (calmly) There, there, there. Now, now, now. Well, I don't know any Ash. (June gives him a puppy-eyed look, but then Jim Crow gives her a warm smile on his beak.) But I do remember where Pallet Town is. (Her face brightens a bit as Jim Crow reopens his umbrella.) Now, come with me. We'll find this Ash chap together.

(Cut from June and Jim Crow setting off to Pallet Town.)

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