The Great Raccoon Detective is Nikkdisneylover8390's movie-spoof of "The Great Mouse Detective".


  • Basil of Baker Street - R.J. (Over the Hedge)
  • Dr. David Q. Dawson - Verne (Over the Hedge)
  • Toby - Bruno (Cinderella)
  • Olivia Flaversham - Tanya Mousekewitz (An American Tail)
  • Hiram Flaversham - Papa Mousekewitz (An American Tail)
  • Mrs. Judson - Stella (Over the Hedge)
  • Professor Ratigan - Jenner (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Fidget - Sullivan (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Ratigan's Thugs - Grasshoppers (A Bug's Life) and Heffalumps and Woozles (Winnie the Pooh)
  • Bartholomew - Hammy (Over the Hedge)
  • Felicia - Lucifer (Cinderella)
  • Sherlock Holmes - Prince Derek (The Swan Princess)
  • Dr. Watson - Bromley (The Swan Princess)
  • Barmaid - Penny (Over the Hedge)
  • Juggling Octopus - Squidward Tentacles (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Frog and Salamander on Bike - Grundel (Thumbelina) and Bill the Lizard (Alice in Wonderland (1951)
  • Miss Kitty - Miss Piggy (The Muppets)
  • Miss Kitty's Sisters - Lady (Lady and the Tramp) and Mrs. Brisby (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Queen Moustoria - Heather (Over the Hedge)

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