TheUnitedPikachus version of The Great Mouse Detective

Basil of Baker Street-Grovyle(Pokèmon)

Dr. Dawson-Thomas O'Malley(The Aristocats)

Olivia Flaversham-Gilia Mallow and Snowdrop(Watership Down TV Series)

Hiram Flaversham-Hazel(Watership Down)

Professor Ratigan-Steele(Balto)

Fidget-Nikki Kaltag and Star(Balto)

Bartholomew-Nuka(The Lion King 2)

Mrs. Judson-Auntie Shrew(The Secret of NIMH)

Barmaid-Dixie(The Fox and the Hound 2)

Miss Kitty-Miss Kitty(An American Tail:Fievel goes West)

Queen Mousetoria-Kitty and Bunny(Courage the Cowardly Dog Episode:The Mask)

Toby-Yoshi(Super Mario World)

Felicia-Sharptooth(The Land Before Time)

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