Batall navas de tolosa

'The Great War' took place in the seperating border area between Lasting Sands and The Nation of Shar. This area is recognizable by its rocky planes seen in the back of this picture.

Local Region

The Great War is seen as one of the greatest triumphs of Sersex and to some the removal of the last thread of intergraity from a kingdom quivering on its knees. Sersex none the less come out of the war the obvious winner and with also hundreds of miles of extra land that it had siezed from Shar. Further Implications after the defeat was the intergration of local populas. Before the war most people in this area where mixes of decendeds from Shar and Sersex it was a notably flexible area in the sense that it was hard for a polical and cultural idenity to stick and further these peoples aims. In modern times the result of this was the bickering and push and shove attitude that Sersex and Shar developed with eath other regarding true owerenship and linage to the region. Before the war the are was very sparce with people they had either made a decision upon their heritage and moved to either Shar or Sersex. However Shars take over some time before war had after it entailed an agressive and contrived peroid of repopulation. This involved articfially placing people and towns in the area to give rebrith to the squashed paradise and of the idgenious peoples. The people who where effectivly bullied to move where no better when the war began. There symbolic placement by Shar had the alieanted socially and policitlly and during the pre-war phase there attempts to move to safer grounds was blocked and ignored. Almost all these people died during the war.

Weapons of War

Up until the great war the kingdom of sersex had a peroid of very opulent growth within its economy and a large sweep of revitalsation in various policitucl, millitary and civilian services. The millitary in this peroid had investigated and refined new weapons that it had developed. Most notable was the steam tank a mode of transport that also carried the new development firearm called a cannon.

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