The Great Western Engines is a custom Thomas VHS/DVD made for Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2002 on VHS and DVD, each containing ??? Season.


  • Thomas


  1. Duck Takes Charge
  2. Pop Goes The Diesel
  3. Diesel's Devious Deed
  4. A Close Shave For Duck
  5. All At Sea
  6. Escape
  7. Oliver Owns Up
  8. Toad Stands By
  9. Oliver's Find
  10. Busy Going Backwards

Bonus Features

  1. 2 Sing Along Songs: It's Great To Be An Engine and Come For The Ride
  2. Character Gallery
  3. Web Fun


  • Narrated by George Carlin and Alec Baldwin.
  • Released on July 23, 2002 by Anchor Bay Entertainment.
  • The Season 5 intro, nameplate sequence (1999-2000) and the Season 5 outro are used together.
  • The "Next Story Coming Up Soon!" logo is taken from the
  • The text is taken from the
  • The nameplates after Duck Takes Charge, A Close Shave For Duck and Oliver Owns Up are
  • The nameplates after Pop Goes The Diesel, All At Sea and Toad Stands By are
  • The nameplates after Diesel's Devious Deed, Escape and Oliver's Find are
  • The end credits are taken from the

Opening Previews

2002 VHS version

2002 DVD version

Closing Previews

2002 VHS version

2002 DVD version

Opening Credits

Cover Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Duck and Oliver
  • Bottom: Scruffey broken to pieces from "Toad Stands By"

Back Cover

  • Top Left: Duck (horrified) and Diesel (bored) from "Diesel's Devious Deed"
  • Top Right: Toad crashing through the gates from "Busy Going Backwards"

Cover Color

  • Olive Green

Running Time



Duck Takes Charge

Nameplates after Duck Takes Charge

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