The Great Western Teenagers is an Ash & Friends spoof to the 2005 Thomas release entitled The Great Western Engines. It contains four Season 2 episodes, three Season 3 episodes, one Season 4 episode, and two Season 5 episodes narrated by George Carlin and Alec Baldwin for the US.


  •  It's Duck and Oliver, our two great western engines, in all ten stories of fun and excitement. Viewers will see Duck's arrival to the Island of Sodor, and his rivalry with Diesel, as well as his dream in the regatta. Watch Oliver, as he and his break van, Toad, get saved from scrap, has a deal with some troublesome cars, as well as Scruffey, has a big discovery and loses Toad while he goes on a fast ride. So join in the fun with Duck and Oliver, as they travel with us to the Island of Sodor.


  1. Ash Ketchum as Thomas (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Kevin Keene as Edward (Matt Hill)
  3. Shaggy Rogers as Henry (Matthew Lillard)
  4. Terry McGinnis as Gordon (Will Friedle)
  5. Raimundo Pedrosa as James (Tom Kenny)
  6. Alexander "Alex" O'Connell as Percy (Chris Marquette)
  7. Virgil Hawkins as Duck (Phil LaMarr)
  8. Ozzy Jones as Donald (Phil LaMarr)
  9. Drix Koldriliff as Douglas (Jeff Bennett)
  10. Richie Foley as Oliver (Jason Marsden)
  11. Ken of the Pokemon Mystery Club as Diesel (Marc Thompson)
  12. Sonic The Hedgehog as Bertie (Jason Griffith)
  13. Superman as Harold (Tim Daily)
  14. Peter Shepard as Toad (Ashley Johnson)
  15. Yosemite Sam as S.C.Ruffey (Maurice LaMarche)
  16. Steven Ketchum as Sir Topham Hatt (Dan Green)
  17. Heathcliff as Trevor (Mel Blanc)
  18. Donkey Kong as BoCo (Richard Yearwood)
  19. Mel Blake as Mavis (Stephanie Morgenstern)


  1. Virgil Takes Charge
  2. Pop Goes Ken
  3. Ken's Devious Deed
  4. A Close Shave For Virgil
  5. All At Sea
  6. Escape!
  7. Richie Owns Up
  8. Peter Stands By
  9. Richie's Find
  10. Busy Going Backwards


Virgil Takes Charge

  • Alex: Do you know what?
  • George Carlin: Asked Alex.
  • Terry: What?
  • George Carlin: Grunted Terry.
  • Alex: Do you know what?
  • Terry: Silly!
  • George Carlin: Said Terry.
  • Terry: Of course I don't know what. If you don't tell me what what is.
  • Alex: Steven says that the work in the yard is too heavy for me. He's getting a bigger character to help me.
  • Raimundo: Rubbish!
  • George Carlin: Said Raimundo.
  • Raimundo: Any character could do it. If you work hard and chatterless, this yard would be a sweeter, a better and a happier place.
  • George Carlin: Alex went off to get some pets.
  • Alex: That stupid old traffic light.
  • George Carlin: He thought. He was remembering the time he misunderstood a traffic light and gone backwards instead of forwards.
  • Alex: No one listens to me now. They think I'm a silly little kid and order me about. I'll show them, I'll show them.
  • George Carlin: But he didn't know how. By the end of the afternoon, he felt tired and unhappy. He brought some pets to the station.
  • Steven: Hello, Alex.
  • George Carlin: Said Steven.
  • Steven: You look tired.
  • Alex: Yes sir, I am sir. I don't know if I'm standing on my head or on my feet.
  • Steven: You look the right way up to me.
  • George Carlin: Laughed Steven.
  • Steven: Cheer up. The new character is bigger than you and can properly do the work alone. Would you like to help build my new harbour? Ash and Jackie will help too.
  • Alex: Oh yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
  • George Carlin: The new character arrived.
  • Steven: What's your name?
  • George Carlin: Asked Steven.
  • Virgil: Montague, sir, but I'm usually called Virgil. They say I waddle. I don't really, sir, but I like Virgil better than Montague.
  • Steven: Good. Virgil it shall be. Here, Alex, show Virgil around.
  • George Carlin: The two characters went off together. Soon they were very busy. Raimundo, Terry and Shaggy watched Virgil quietly doing his work.
  • Shaggy: He seems a simple sort of character.
  • Raimundo: We'll have some fun and order him about.
  • Shaggy, Terry and Raimundo: (quacking noises) Wheesh!
  • George Carlin: Smoke billowed everywhere. Alex was cross, but Virgil took no notice.
  • Virgil: They'll get tired of it soon. Do they tell you to do things, Alex?
  • Alex: Yes they do.
  • George Carlin: Answered Alex.
  • Virgil: Right.
  • George Carlin: Said Virgil.
  • Virgil: We'll soon stop that nonsense.
  • George Carlin: He whispered something.
  • Virgil: We'll do it later.
  • George Carlin: Steven was looking forward to hot buttered toast for tea at home. Suddenly, he heard an extroitnary noise.
  • Shaggy, Terry and Raimundo: Wheesh! (snorting noises)
  • Steven: Bother!
  • George Carlin: He said and hurried to the yard. Virgil and Alex calmly sat on the switches outside the shed, refusing to let the characters in. Terry, Raimundo and Shaggy were furious.
  • Steven: Stop that noise!
  • George Carlin: Bellowed Steven.
  • Terry: They won't let us in!
  • George Carlin: Hissed Terry.
  • Steven: Virgil, explain this behavior.
  • Virgil: Beg pardon, sir, but I'm a teenager. We do our work without fuss, but begging your pardon, sir. Alex and I will be glad if you like to inform these, um, characters that we only take orders from you.
  • (Raimundo and Terry blew their whistles loudly)
  • Steven: Quiet!
  • George Carlin: Said Steven.
  • Steven: Alex and Virgil, I am pleased with your work today, but not with your behavior tonight. You have caused a disturbance.
  • George Carlin: Terry, Shaggy and Raimundo sniggered.
  • Steven: As for you.
  • George Carlin: Thundered Steven.
  • Steven: You've been worse. You made a disturbance. Virgil is quite right. This is my railway and I give the orders.
  • George Carlin: After Alex went away, Virgil was left to manage alone. He did so...easily!

Pop Goes Ken

  • George Carlin: Virgil is very proud of being a teenager. He talks endlessly about it. But he works hard, too, and makes everything go like clockwork. It was a splendid day. The Beedrill and Arcanine behaved well. The passengers even stopped grumbling. But the characters didn't like having to bustle about.
  • Virgil: There are two ways of doing things.
  • George Carlin: Virgil told them.
  • Virgil: The teenager way, or the wrong way. I'm a teenager and...
  • Shaggy, Terry and Raimundo: Don't we know it!
  • George Carlin: They groaned. The characters were glad when the visitor came. He purred smoothly towards him. Steven introduce him.
  • Steven: Here is Ken. I have agreed to give him a trial. He needs to learn. Please teach him, Virgil.
  • Ken: Good morning.
  • George Carlin: Purred Ken in an oily voice.
  • Ken: Please to meet you, Virgil. Is that Raimundo and Shaggy and Terry too? I am delighted to meet such famous characters.
  • George Carlin: The silly characters were flattered.
  • Characters: He has very good manners.
  • George Carlin: They murmured.
  • Characters: We're pleased to have in our yard.
  • George Carlin: Virgil had his doubts.
  • Virgil: Come on!
  • George Carlin: He said. Ken purred after him.
  • Ken: Your worth Ste...
  • Virgil: Steven to you.
  • George Carlin: Ordered Virgil. Ken looked hurt.
  • Ken: Your worthy Steven thinks I need to learn. He is mistaken. We villains don't need to learn. We know everything. We come to a yard and improvement. We are revolutionary.
  • Virgil: Oh!
  • George Carlin: Said Virgil.
  • Virgil: If you are revo-thingummy, perhaps you would collect my Beedrill while I fetch Terry's Arcanine.
  • George Carlin: Ken delighted to show off, purred away. When Virgil returned, Ken was trying to take some Beedrill from a siding. They were old and empty. They've not been touch for a long time. Ken found them hard to move. Pull! Push! Backwards! Forwards!
  • Beedrill: Oh! Oh!
  • George Carlin: The Beedrill groaned.
  • Beedrill: We can't! We won't!
  • George Carlin: Virgil watched with interest. Ken lost patience.
  • Ken: Grrr!
  • George Carlin: He roared, and gave a great heave. The Beedrill jerked forward.
  • Beedrill: Ohhh!
  • George Carlin: They screamed.
  • Beedrill: We can't! We won't!
  • George Carlin: Some of their brakes snapped, and the gear jammed in the sleepers.
  • Ken: Grrrr!
  • Virgil: Ha, ha, ha!
  • George Carlin: Chuckled Virgil. Ken recovered and try to push the Beedrill back, but they wouldn't move. Virgil ran quietly around to collect the other Beedrill.
  • Virgil: Thank you for arranging these, Ken. I must go now.
  • Ken: Don't you want this lot?
  • Virgil: No thank you.
  • George Carlin: Ken gulped.
  • Ken: And I've taken all this trouble? Why didn't you tell me?
  • Virgil: You never asked me. Besides.
  • George Carlin: Said Virgil.
  • Virgil: You were having such fun being revo-whatever-it-was-you-said. Goodbye.
  • Ken: Grrrr!
  • George Carlin: Ken had to help the workmen clear the mess. He hated it. All the Beedrill were laughing and singing at him.
  • Beedrill: Beedrill are waiting in the yard, tackling them with ease'll, show the world what I can do, gaily boasts Ken, in and out he creeps about, like a big black weasel, when he pulls the wrong Beedrill out, Pop goes Ken!
  • Ken: Grrr!
  • George Carlin: Growled Ken, and scuttled away to sulk in the shed.

Ken's Devious Deed

  • George Carlin: Ken of the Pokemon Mystery Club was sulking. The Beedrill would not stop singing rudely at him. Virgil was horrified.
  • Virgil: Shut up!
  • George Carlin: He ordered, and bumped them hard.
  • Virgil: I'm sorry our Beedrill were rude to you, Ken,
  • George Carlin: Ken was still furious.
  • Ken: It's all your fault. You made them laugh at me.
  • Shaggy: Nonsense.
  • George Carlin: Said Shaggy.
  • Shaggy: Virgil would never do that. We characters have our differences, but we never talked about them to the Beedrill. That would be dis...dis...
  • Terry: Disgraceful.
  • George Carlin: Said Terry.
  • Raimundo: Disgusting.
  • George Carlin: Put in Raimundo.
  • Shaggy: Despicable.
  • George Carlin: Finished Shaggy. Ken hated Virgil. He wanted him to be sent away, so he made a plan. He was going to tell lies about Virgil. Next day, he spoke to the Beedrill.
  • Ken: I see you like jokes. You made a good joke about me yesterday. I laughed and laughed. Virgil told me one about Terry. I'll whisper it. Don't tell Terry I told you.
  • George Carlin: And he sniggered away.
  • Beedrill: Ha, ha, ha!
  • George Carlin: Guffawed the Beedrill.
  • Beedrill: Terry will be cross with Virgil when he knows. Let's tell him and get back at Virgil for bumping us.
  • George Carlin: They laughed rudely at the characters as they went by. Soon Terry, Shaggy and Raimundo found out why.
  • Terry: Disgraceful.
  • George Carlin: Said Terry.
  • Raimundo: Disgusting.
  • George Carlin: Put in Raimundo.
  • Shaggy: Despicable.
  • George Carlin: Finished Shaggy.
  • Shaggy: We cannot allow it.
  • George Carlin: They consulted together.
  • Shaggy: Yes.
  • George Carlin: They said.
  • Shaggy: He did it to us, we'll do it to him and see how he likes it.
  • George Carlin: Virgil was tired out. The Beedrill had been cheeky and troublesome. He wanted a rest in the shed. The three characters barred his way.
  • Terry, Raimundo and Shaggy: Hooosh!
  • Raimundo: Keep out!
  • Virgil: Stop fooling.
  • George Carlin: Said Virgil.
  • Virgil: I'm tired.
  • Terry, Raimundo and Shaggy: So are we.
  • George Carlin: Hissed the characters.
  • Terry, Raimundo and Shaggy: We're tired of you. We like Ken. We don't like you. You tell tales about us to the Beedrill.
  • Virgil: I don't!
  • Terry, Raimundo and Shaggy: You do!
  • Virgil: I don't!
  • Terry, Raimundo and Shaggy: You do!
  • George Carlin: Steven came to stop the noise.
  • Terry: Virgil called me a galloping sausage!
  • George Carlin: Spluttered Terry.
  • Raimundo: Rusty red scrap-irons!
  • George Carlin: Hissed Raimundo.
  • Shaggy: I'm old square wheels!
  • George Carlin: Fumed Shaggy.
  • Steven: Well, Virgil?
  • George Carlin: Virgil considered.
  • Virgil: I only wish sir.
  • George Carlin: He said gravely.
  • Virgil: That I thought of those names myself. If the dome fits...
  • Steven: (clearing throat)
  • Terry, Raimundo and Shaggy: He made Beedrill laugh at us.
  • George Carlin: Accused the characters. Steven recovered. He been trying not to laugh himself.
  • Steven: Did you, Virgil?
  • Virgil: Certainly not, sir. No character will be as mean as that.
  • George Carlin: Ken lurked up.
  • Steven: Now, Ken, you heard what Virgil said.
  • Ken: I can't understand it, sir, to think that Virgil of all characters. I'm dreadfully grieved, sir, but no nothing.
  • Steven: I see.
  • George Carlin: Said Steven. Ken squirmed and hope he didn't.
  • Steven: I'm sorry, Virgil, but you must go to Kevin's station for a while. I know he'll be glad to see him.
  • Virgil: As you wish, sir.
  • George Carlin: Virgil trundled sadly away, while Ken smirked with triumph.

A Close Shave For Virgil

All At Sea


Richie Owns Up

Peter Stands By

Richie's Find

Busy Going Backwards

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