The Great Witch Engine is a scaryest witch and an evil wicked engine in the YouTube Thomas the Tank Engine parody Halloween special, The Scary Witch and The Curse of the Dutchman, by cactus190706 on the YouTube.


The Scary Witch

The Great Witch Engine tells her ghost trains to get the Sodor engines. Meanwhile, she and her ghost train arrived at the Island of Sodor to kidnapped Sodor engines and bringing them to die. Then the engines stopped at the edge. The Great Witch Engine is waiting for Thomas and she has plans for him. When Thomas arrives, he saw the Great Witch Engine and her ghost train, and both of them to turn Thomas's friends into evil and ugly just like the Great Witch Engine. Then as the ghost train takes Thomas to her haunted forest, the Flying Dutchman came to stop the Great Witch Engine and he furiously yells at her that he wants to die, but the Great Witch Engine refuesd to let him rest in peace. This made the Flying Dutchman very cross! As the Great Witch Engine runs as fast as she could, the Flying Dutchman's eyes turn yellow that the sun is coming up and it was morning now. The Great Witch Engine ran inside the shed, because she hates sunlight. If the Great Witch Engine comes out the shed, she would explode. Then she saw Proteus appeared and he got Thomas out of her haunted forest and Thomas comes towards the Great Witch Engine and he pulls out of the shed. The Great Witch Engine got scared, because the sunlight would kill her. The she had an idea, she disappear to go back to her haunted forest just as the Flying Dutchman arrives to stop Thomas. The ghost train thinks that he and the Great Witch Engine failed, but the Great Witch Engine tells her ghost train that they had to attack next time but Proteus arrived to harm the Great Witch Engine with his magic lamp.

The Curse of the Dutchman

The Great Witch Engine came to see the Flying Dutchman, troll and Thomas and she thought that three of them are having a party. The Flying Dutchman thinks that the Great Witch Engine is Proteus, but she locked him in the dungeon. The Flying Dutchman doesn't care about Proteus, because he tells the Great Witch Engine that Thomas had pulled her out of the shed last year. Then the troll tries to kill the Great Witch Engine but she pushed him which made the troll explodes. The Great Witch Engine is ready to go to the Island of Sodor to kill Thomas's friends. Thomas feels scared and he is whinning but the Flying Dutchman angrily shuts him up and he needs to think, because the Great Witch Engine is not getting away for this. When the Great Witch Engine appears in the Island of Sodor, the darkness was all gone and everything is back to normal. Percy, James, Gordon, Henry, Toby and Sir Topham Hatt saw the Great Witch Engine! Sir Topham Hatt thinks there is no such things as witches, but the Great Witch Engine said that there is such thing as witches. Sir Topham Hatt asks the Great Witch Engine if she had make the Sodor darkness, but she tells him that it was the troll and he went into Toby. Then she saw Thomas's driver and fireman and Sir Topham Hatt asks them if they were okay. The Great Witch Engine asks the driver and fireman that the Flying Dutchman send them back, bet they don't know. Then the Great Witch Engine explodes the houses until the Flying Dutchman appears to stop her. He tells her that she can nothing. Then the Great Witch Engine rumbles the ground which made the Sodor engines scared, and then the Knaford roof colapes and lands and crushed poor Percy and James. The Great Witch Engine rips Gordon from the ground and then Gordon is off the track. Sir Topham Hatt tries to tell her to leave the engines alone, but she didn't listen. The Great Witch Engine flies Henry up in the air and then she puts Henry down onto the ground. And then she moves Toby to hail. And then the Great Witch Engine runs to the graveyard while the Flying Dutchman is chasing after her. The Flying Dutchman saw the Great Witch Engine is flying in the sky and she blew up the house. When the Great Witch Engine arrived at the graveyard and she was about to make people rise again, the Flying Dutchman stops her, including Thomas and Proteus. The Flying Dutchman angrily turning into a giant hand to attack her. When Sir Topham Hatt arrived to see Thomas and Proteus, the giant hand squeezed the poor dragon. The Great Witch Engine tries to tell her ghost train, but she hears the banshes telling the ghost train that he is remebering what they said to him and the giant hand caught her. The ghost train's name is now Tommy the Puffer and he doesn't work for her anymore. At last the sun came up and the Great Witch Engine is ready to be dead forever after the giant hand killed her and he turns into the Flying Dutchman. All Thomas, Proteus, banshes, Tommy the Puffer and the Flying Dutchman watches the Great Witch Engine explodes and she is dead forever! And that is the end of the Great Witch Engine.


Death: October 30, 2011

Allies: Ghost Train (formerly), Dr. Beeching, Steam Engine

Enemies: The Flying Dutchman, Troll, Ghost Train (his name is now Tomy the Puffer), Banshees, Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Emily, Bear, Salty, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan

Fate: Got killed by the Flying Dutchman



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