The Greatest Dog & There's No Need to Worry! (2000/2005 DVD)

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"The Greatest Dog/There's No Need to Worry!" is a Biscuit DVD released September 5, 2000. This is a LIVE Entertainment Biscuit DVD.

This includes 10 stories, each 34 minutes, & 175 minutes on this DVD.

According to the back cover:

Includes 10 episodes

Based on the HarperCollins Biscuit books & TV show on Time Warner Cable Kids & PBS Kids

Your favortie doggone show is here! Don't worry, because Biscuit, Sammy, Fleao & B-Toner are ready for AWSOME adventures! Next, watch Biscuit grow into a medium dog, totally to move him to Staten Island.

Fully animated/Suitable for 3 & up/1999/color

  • Since this is from 1999, let me tell you a few facts:

The first season is shown.

This is only the 1998 webseries that is downloaded from

The DVD & the 2 videos are both copyrighted the year that Biscuit arrived on TV: 1999.

To date, this is both from 2005 & 1999. The 2005 cover includes a bone-covered background with a CGI animation Biscuit coming out of a paper. The 2000 cover includes a picture of a Nelvana logo & Biscuit playing basketball.

The Care Bears Family & Biscuit both use the same animation, even though the 2005 cover had the new CGI animation.

This was a special edition released in 2001.

Family Home Entertainment & Artisan Home Entertainment made this VHS.

2000 & 1998 are when the webseries & TV show got videoed.

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