The Green Hedges are a popular garage-rock band from Closequa, TaRoom. They are known for their two critcally acclaimed rock operas, amazing guitar work, and great songwriting.


Lead singer Jackson "Span O'Neil" O'Neil, was born on October 9th 1975. At the age of 11, he heard the songs Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who), Break On Through (The Doors), and Driver 8 (R.E.M.), thus inspiring a future musical genius. Jackson had a very interesting taste in music; he was, and is, a huge fan of rock and reggae. At the age of 14, he formed a cover band with good friends and future Green Hedges bandmates: lead guitarist Mike Darrell (#3 on Rolling Stone Greatest Guitarists), bassist Paul Mantis, and drummer Stan Little. They stunned audiences with a cover of Stand (by R.E.M.), which was a big hit at their high school, and was later included on their self-titled debut album.

College and Record Deal

Jackson, Mike, Paul, and Stan all graduated and went to college. Jackson O'Neil and Mike Darrell ended up going to Redor University, while Paul would go to TaHigh U and Stan would go to Bath University. Jackson and Mike would practice daily, however, the entire band would only practice 3 times a week. After graduation, Mike, being a brilliant song writer, would take an English course at night every week. The band would continually try for a record deal, and in 1995 they finally got one with Saw Records, a small record company affiliated with the indie powerhouse Lloyd Records.

1995-1999: The Green Hedges and A Soccer Story

In 1995, the Green Hedges released their first single, entitled Who. After media coverage (including heavy rotation on college radio stations), Who got to #99 on the Jaffeland charts. They released their debut album, simply entitled The Green Hedges. Upon release, it gathered critical attention and peaked at #42. However, the band would not go on tour in support of the album despite glowing reviews from the band's indie fanbase.

In 1997, the band would announce a half ska, half garage rock album about a Jamaican and a Jaffelandian soccer fan, one being a Closequa fan, the other being a Computon fan. They would both have missarable lives until they meet at a Closequa-Computon game. They would have a great time. But the next day, the Jamaican is found dead in his apartment. This adds to the overall story, especially when the Jaffelandian goes to jail, being wrongly convicted for the murder. He escapes, and the story ends as he mourns his friend. Jonny Greenwood would make a guest appearance on the album, playing guitar on the track Closequa Team. The album, which was called A Soccer Story, was released alongside the lead single, which was Jamaica/The Beginning. The Single hit Number 1, as did the Album, thanks to Heavy rotation on radio. The Grammy Awards Nominations were annonced, A Soccer Story was excluded, and would be the inciting force of a number of episodes held by The Green Hedges and The Grammy Awards and Academy. Despite not being nominated at the Grammys they would win numerious other awards, and was widely considered as a classic and many critics didn't think they could live up to this, boy were they wrong.

"Soccer Story Tour" and "Enviornmentalism"

Through some Indie sources The Green Hedges would get there hands on an Album called Greenscape by Test Drive. Mike Darrell said in an interview with Q in 2004, "It Immediatly became our favorite album. It was the largest influence for Enviornmenatlism." said Darrell "We Just had to meet them, thus we did" They would head down to Ribbed meet Test Drive, and ever since they have been good friends and are planning a tour this summer. In 1998 they went in the footsteps of another huge influnence on the Green Hedges, The Who, and preformed there Rock Opera, every song of it, on a tour around Jaffeland and Milneland. The tour was a success and they went to the recording studio in what was called "One of Two albums that saved Rock n' Roll" by Michael Richardeo of Rolling Stone.

In late 1998 the Green Hedges began recording an Album intially called Treaty, in Geffen studios in TaHigh. There first song was an accustic cover of the Nirvana Song All Apologies, which was pro gay rights song writen by Kurt Cobain. Originally the band wanted to bring Dave Grohl to make a guest apperance on the song, but Dave declined due to being on tour with The Foo Fighters. They were able to get Krist to play bass while Paul Mantis used the bathroom, and completed the song in 3 takes. The next song took even quicker a 2 take cover of the Blues song Cross Roads. People were supprised by the amount of covers on the album due to the widely hailed song writing and lyrical ability of Darell and O'neil. The third song was an orignal song, and the cover mockingly titled "Hit" me one more time about selling out. The fourth song was an orignal called Heshe, the second Pro-Gay Rights song on the album. The Fifth song was called Heavy Metal Gutar which was the longest song on the album about the history of Rock. Songs 6-9 were love songs, song 6 was called Double-Good which made some refrences to 1984 and urequited love. Song 7 was called Four Guys on A Bus, The JBC Pregame Show and Soccer in Jaffeland. Song 8 was a called a folk cover of Blowing in the wind, and This Land is your land combined. On the back cover in the song 8 section it just says: A folk Cover. Song 9 was called five about conformity and curruption with politan which included a very random five minute gutar solo which was exceptinal, atleast according to critics. Song Ten was called Newb and was about how nothing seemed the same anymore, and had another amazing gutar solo. Song eleven the second to last song was a one minute song similar two far out on park life, about the war on drugs. The Final song was called SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, a 6 minute song about Global Warming, a song more revealent today, and SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT is usaully a fan favorite.

The Album was Released in July 1999, and went to the top immediatly. The Album's Single was SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, and it hit #62. It would be nominated at the Grammy's but would lose to Supernatural by Santana. When Rollingstone released there greatest album list a few years later at #5 was Environmetalism, as it was on many lists if not higher. The Green Hedges complained that #10 for Rotator and #15 for Way Out, were to low and they should have been in the top 5, as they thought the two albums were more deserving. But Environmentalism was huge and a few Indie rock stations would play the Whole Album start to finish once or twice. It got amazing reviews, a lot better then Supernatural. The fact the album lost at the Grammy's gives the Album more of a Legacy, as it is credited as one of the Greatest of All Time. (STUB NEXTDOORNEIGHBOR WILL HELP ME)

"Punk" and "Bus Stop in London"

The Band went on Tour and another success was Hailed. Now They returned to the Studio in 2000 and diecided to record another Rock Opera. It was about a Punk Band similar to The Sex Pistols and Clash who go on a Final Tour after recording a Classic Album. The Band ends up in all the wrong areas, there plane crashes, end up in the hospital, and in the end after numerous arguements the Band Breaks Up. The Tour is canceled and fans end up burning there Tickets. The Album sparked A debate on which Rock Opera was better and too this day people have had a very hard time decideding.

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