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Welcome to The Guild 2, A Wikia Project created to attempt to add as much knowledge as I can locate on the Video Game of the same name. Any who have played this game have likely noticed at this point that information on how to play this game is fairly scarce on the interwebs, and I would like to attempt to change that to some degree. I will be adding articles to this page as often as I can as I play the game (but that will still be slowly, maybe one or two a week). Any others who have knowledge on this game are encouraged to participate and add articles where they see information is needed. Please do not be offended if I edit some of said pages; mostly when I do it will be to add screen shots or something similar as needed.

I do not plan on advertising this site until I have some decent information on it; so be wary, if you've stumbled on this page by chance and wish to contribute, by all means, do, but expect this to develop and a slow pace. As it stands there is no current template set up and so this shall be somewhat messy looking for now as my only purpose at this point is to get the info on here as I come across it. I'll supply Screen Shots where I can, and hopefully will clean it all up at a later point when I'm am sufficiently satisfied at the amount of Information I have.

Anyone else who has more knowledge about editing wikis then I do (and that should be a lot of you) are welcome to try to clean it up a little bit if you so choose.

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