Tomarmstrong14 and theCityMaker's movie-spoof of "The Hanna and Barbera's Christmas Carol" and "Los Teleñecos en Cuento de Navidad"


  • Saverus Snape as Mr. Scrooge
  • Top Cat as Mr. Cratchet
  • Female Cat as Mrs. Cratchet
  • the Cats as the Cratchit CHILDREN
  • Benny the Ball as Tiny Tim Cratchit
  • Mr. Jinks as Gonzo as Mr. Dickens
  • Pixie and Dixie as Rizzo
  • Mr. Lockhart as Mr. Marley
  • Sir Ector and Sir Kay as Scrooge's Brothers
  • Rabbit as Bean Bunny
  • Robin Hood and Thomas o Malley as the Marley
  • Wendy Darling-Rooke as the Ghost of Xmas Past
  • Oliver Twist as Young Scrooge
  • Captain Hook as the Teacher
  • Slagglepuss as Fozzywiggs
  • Prof. Owl as the Animal
  • Dale Brown as Adult Scrooge
  • Emily Rooke as Scooge's Wive
  • Yogi Bear as the Ghost of Xmas Present
  • Prof. Q. as the Ghost of Xmas Yet to Come
  • Dancing People from Snow White (1937)
  • Dancing People from the Jungle Book (1967)
  • Dancing People from the aristocats (1970)
  • Dancing People from Robin Hood (1973)
  • Boys and Girls (Togs, Huggies, Pampers, Much More and Luvs Diapers) as the Man Rats
  • Female Diapers (tamaeftt animes) as Lips, Mr. Applegate, Ma Bear, Floyd and Zoot, Sprocket the Dog, Clara and voices Old Joe
  • Topsy (Topsy and Tim by TamaeFTT) Daughter Mouse

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