The Hedge is a hedge that runs along the border of Milneland and Jaffeland. Aside from marking the border, it also is the subject of one of the biggest debates in Jaffeland and Milneland. Some people, especially right-wingers, want to cut down the hedge and possibly replace it with a fence, while other people want to keep it and turn it into an International Park.

The Debate

In early 2006, some conservative groups in Jaffeland started a movement to cut down the hedge and replace it with a fence. While Ron Johnson and Will Ross are both ardent supporters of the hedge, the Republican Party made cutting down the hedge an official party platform. While no Hedge-related bills have been started yet, it remains a very high-profile issue, with almost all Congress members taking sides.

However, in Milneland, a few months after the Jaffelandian conservatives started circulating their petitions, a counter-movement was started by a few university students and hippies to save the hedge. After a while, the pro-Hedge movement gathered steam, and the NDP declared their unconditional support for the hedge. The Liberals and Conservatives followed suit, and PM Jake Evans of Milneland, plus the rest of the House of Commons, voted on a bill to protect the hedge. (Since the hedge lies completely on Jaffelandian territory, Milneland's opinions would have only symbolic effects.) The bill passed, with only one MP voting against it.


In addition to being one of the biggest issues in Jaffeland and Milneland alike, The Hedge has also given its name to the town of Hedgington. Hedgington is built in one of the two gaps in the hedge and straddles the Jaffeland-Milneland border; thus, it is governed by two city councils.

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